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Summing Up… Statement of the Russian Maoist Party in connection with the September 11 attacks in the U.S.

By | 06/29/2015

Let us sum up, in a preliminary way: two skyscrapers have been blown up, another one has fallen down by itself, the Pentagon building has been damaged. The casualties: about a thousand military officers bearing various ranks plus several thousands/tens of thousands of brokers and managers that used to scrape a living by speculating on the stock exchange or selling vacuum sweepers and toothbrushes. World War Ⅲ Now? You’re kidding. In order to inflict irreparable military damage upon a country, one has to destroy 40% of its population and 60% of its industrial potential. It is obvious that what has happened is primarily symbolic. The objects destroyed had been chosen (by whom?) for their symbolic value, as emblems of the American military and economic might. Now one can probably expect bombings of the Statue of Liberty and Disneyland, the spraying of lethal gas over Hollywood and, say, the poisoning of the U.S. President’s pet crocodile (if there exists one – the crocodile, that is, not the President).

Let us sum up: for as long as there exists a gap, a difference that is not just enormous, but practically insurmountable, between the incomes of the Third World countries and the countries of the Metropolis, for as long as the well-being of the latter is based on the misery of the former, for as long as the Metropolis is prepared to defend its “historic mission” by any means whatsoever, from military to political and economic ones – for so long there will be periodic (not very frequent, but not very rare, either) bombings of houses in the U.S. and Europe, assassinations of presidents and the richest bankers, as well as fresh and fresh rounds of what both sides choose to call pathetically “acts of retaliation.”

Let us sum up: we condemn (one is almost tempted to repeat the words of the Russian President – “…together with all the civilized humankind…”) the attacks carried out in New York City and Washington, D.C., on September 11. Revolution is not a war of sabotage and subversion units in the rear of the enemy. For us, the Putin regime in contemporary Russia is a much more real and immediate enemy as compared to American (or any other) imperialism. We believe that true revolutionaries always want a revolution first and foremost in their own country. The proletarian is faced with a long, long chain of bourgeois – a chain whose farthest end lies, as a rule, somewhere beyond the ocean. Every bourgeois in the above-mentioned chain is the proletarian’s enemy, but the most formidable and powerful foe is that bourgeois which is immediately above the proletarian. Beginning with the far end of the chain means simply misunderstanding the dialectic of the development of today’s world. Other symbols of capitalism will be erected in place of the ones that have been so successfully destroyed and so on ad infinitum. Therefore, let us repeat ourselves: the revolutionary’s real struggle is concentrated within his/her own country and s/he is waging that struggle not against any symbols (no matter how imposing they may look, immortalized in stone, concrete or glass), but against the oppression of classes and social groups by other classes and social groups and for conditions of existence that are worthy of humans.

In connection with the events that took place in the USA on September 11, 2001, the Russian Maoist Party would like to express its concern over the possibility that the Russian state may intensify its harassment of those elements it considers or might consider terrorists or simply undesirable elements. A government that is incapable of solving economic and political problems in civilized ways inevitably looks for an enemy on whom it may shift the blame for its own theoretical and practical impotence in governing the country. Now, after the senseless explosions in the U.$., the “punishing sword” of the Russian “justice” may well come down upon the heads of any extraparliamentary political forces here. The pretext has already been found: “combating international terrorism.”

Workers and oppressed nations of all countries,
unite against the international terrorism of the U.$., Europe and your own countries!
Long live socialist revolution!

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