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On self-determination of Catalonia

By | 10/17/2017

We reaffirm our commitment to the principle of national self-determination in connection with the referendums on independence that took place on September 25 in Iraqi Kurdistan and October 1 in Catalonia. The Catalans have separate (from the Castilian Spaniards) ethnic identity, their own language, their own experience with  statehood1 and subsequent history of a national movement against the policy of assimilation and oppression pursued by Spain2. Catalonia has no less grounds for independence than, for example, Portugal or neighboring Andorra.3. The current Spanish regime is the restoration… Read More »

William Go Home!

By | 06/29/2015

RMP representatives carried this text to the United Kingdom Embassy in Moscow on September 11, 2001 To:His ExcellencySir Roderic Lyne, KBE, CMG,Her Majesty’s Ambassador in the Russian FederationCopy:Richard Turner,Head of the Press and Public Affairs Section (PPAS),British Embassy in the Russian FederationFrom:Russian Maoist Party (RMP) Your Excellency! We always put a very strong emphasis on the ideals of… Read More »

Russians Help Tartan Terrorists Target Wills

By | 06/25/2015

Russian terrorists are backing Tartan extremists plotting chaos to arrangements for guarding Prince William when he studies at a Scottish university. Electronics experts in Russia have already helped organise a series of computer attacks targeting police forces, government agencies and St. Andrews University where the Prince will study the history of art. The Reds stepped in… Read More »

Press Release

By | 06/24/2015

In a display of international solidarity, representatives of the Russian Maoist Party have delivered a letter of protest to the British Embassy in Moscow. The RMP’s letter of 11th September 2001 was in protest against the proposed presence of the English “Prince” William at St Andrews University in Scotland. The letter pointed out that the proposal to have the “Prince” educated in Scotland was merely a cynical… Read More »