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Let ‘Em Send Me to the Bughouse Again!

By | 02/01/2021

I wanna live back in the USSR,I vote for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.And let the buggers send me to the bughouse again –There they give you downers—and free of charge, that’s the best of all! — Russian shitkicker radical commie underground poetry. It’s a quiet night here, by Shchukinskaya metro station. If you look out the window, you can see the twin towers of the swanky Aliye Parusa apartment complex, painted a really eerie… Read More »

Violence reaches home for Amerikans: What caused it?

By | 06/29/2015

The United States Government sacrificed thousands of its citizens today through its unwillingness to support serious steps toward global peace and economic harmony. After the hijacking and crashing of four jetliners and the collapse of the World Trade Center towers on September 11, the U.S. Government could only ask “who?” The United $tates has accumulated so… Read More »

We mourn those who died in attacks on the World Trade Center. We strengthen our resolve to cast off war-hungry capitalism!

By | 06/29/2015

Sep 11, 2001 – The Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM) joins people around the world in mourning the civilians killed today in attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Their deaths are as lamentable and were as preventable as the deaths of millions of children who die every year of starvation and disease, victims of militarism and imperialism.… Read More »

Summing Up… Statement of the Russian Maoist Party in connection with the September 11 attacks in the U.S.

By | 06/29/2015

Let us sum up, in a preliminary way: two skyscrapers have been blown up, another one has fallen down by itself, the Pentagon building has been damaged. The casualties: about a thousand military officers bearing various ranks plus several thousands/tens of thousands of brokers and managers that used to scrape a living by speculating on… Read More »

Statement of the Afghanistan Liberation Organization (ALO) “Death to terrorism of all brands!”

By | 06/29/2015

At last the day approached for the Islamist terrorist monster to devour its creator. However, it is not the creator but the innocent American people that are paying the price for the bloody act of the monster. The horrible criminal attack of 11th Sep. on New York and Washington struck thousands of Americans and non-Americans… Read More »

The Resolution of the RMP on Four Proposals by the ICOR in the Spring of 2015

By | 06/25/2015

On the Solidarity Pact of ICOR with the Kurdish liberation struggle We approve the pact. The cooperation with Kurdish movement and the prevalence of reactionary and Islamist tendencies among Arabs do not justify the current lack of concern by ICOR to circumstances and needs of historical development of Arab nation, which is in sharp contradiction with imperialism. We are concerned… Read More »

The Thorny Way to Freedom (The Chechen Problem, the Recent Attack in Moscow and the Contemporary Russian State)

By | 10/14/2014

By Dar ZHUTAYEV and Denis SELIVYORSTOV, Russian Maoist PartySpecially for Umut Yayıncılık To the memory of the hundreds of innocent Russian civilians,including women and children,as well as Chechen freedom fighters,butchered in cold blood by the semi-fascist Russian regimein the early morning of October 26, 2002 This article is sadly underdocumented. Before the October 23 attack in Moscow, there was quite a developed Chechen Internet culture, with a lot of various Web sites in different languages, some… Read More »