MIM’s greetings to our seminar in Moscow commemorating the birth of Mao Zedong 110 years ago

By | 06/29/2015

Greetings from inside the belly of the beast – u.$. imperialism. We are thrilled to hear of your seminar commemorating the birth of Mao Zedong 110 years ago.

It was Mao’s teachings that best point the way out of the current morass of the international communist movement. We must pay special attention to his teachings on the bourgeoisie in the party itself. There is no explanation for how capitalism came about in the USSR and China other than the bourgeoisie in the party that Mao instructed all communists and masses to attack during the Cultural Revolution.

Under Kruschev, the Soviet Union took a wrong turn that restored capitalism. It only took a generation of bureaucrats raised in his era – Gorbachev and Yeltsin types – for full-fledged free-market capitalism to appear. It is not enough to wish now that dictatorship had been exercised over Gorbachev. We must look at the whole climate in the party itself that allowed such a character to appear and who created that climate. That is why we are glad to see increased attention to Mao in the land that initiated the era of Bolshevik revolutions.

Down with the Amerikkkan war-mongers!
Victory to the Iraqi freedom-fighters!

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