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Statement of the Afghanistan Liberation Organization (ALO) “Death to terrorism of all brands!”

By | 06/29/2015

At last the day approached for the Islamist terrorist monster to devour its creator. However, it is not the creator but the innocent American people that are paying the price for the bloody act of the monster. The horrible criminal attack of 11th Sep. on New York and Washington struck thousands of Americans and non-Americans and made them mournful. Afghanistan Liberation Organization which has been struggling against the most rabid section of these forces and has lost its leader and tens of its outstanding cadres and members in the plots and terrorist attacks of the mentioned criminals, understands well the dimensions of the11th September horrific incident. And for this, it expresses its deep sympathy with the families and friends of the victims and with the US people as a whole.

In response to the attack, the US government is preparing for an unprecedented war, a war with Osama and Taliban as its foremost targets. But do the majority of the American people know that the creator and trainer of the dirtiest Afghan terrorist groups as well as Osama since 20 years is no one else but the US government itself? Do they know that US government could destroy all these terrorists and heroine-kings exactly the way it did with Noriega of Panama if it paid the least attention and concern about the far-reaching interests of the American and Afghan people and democratic values and human rights? The US didn’t do because it wanted to use them as its running dogs during the cold war.

Now as the religious terrorism has reared its degusting head and slap in the face of its yesterday’s mentor, the US government shouldn’t take the revenge of the appalling attack from the people of Afghanistan, the people who have already been terrorized, looted and impoverished by the Northern Alliance, Taliban and Osamas.

None of the media in the West explains when, how and by whom the Islamist terrorists were created, trained and equipped, because in this way the one who has to be held responsible by the people of America in nobody else but those at the very helm of the US.

Apparently America, at first thought that through fostering the fundamentalist groups in Afghanistan it could obtain a base in the heart of Asia for achieving its political and economic aims. But it seems that the control of most of these religious hired murderers is no longer in the hand of the US. And they, possessing vast financial sources and a safe haven such as Afghanistan are going to wage a “crusade,” to which Mr. Bush has also indicated

The ruling classes of America, without considering the interests of the majority of the US people, are not taking the incident of 11th September as a warning to completely wash its hands off the fundamentalist organizations and regimes, let alone their elimination. On the contrary, they want to exploit it as a favorable opportunity to suppress the oppressed nations and anti-imperialism and anti-reactionary liberation movements. And by doing so, it not only will solve its domestic quarrel with the Islamist fundamentalists in its favor but also strengthen and stabilize its undisputed domination on the world and whitewash its vulnerability.

In addition, US, through this new pretext, tries to suppress and hold back the ever-increasing of anti-war and anti-globalization movements within America and in its Western allies which brings under question the very principle of capitalist system.

Though even in Muslim countries, most people don’t support the fundamentalist Islamists, the US blind retaliatory act could change the situation in favor of the fundamentalist forces. Nonetheless, we hope that with the fading of today’s emotions, the US government, under the pressure of people, especially the powerful working class of the US, won’t find it possible to add fuel to the religious contradictions in the world and as a consequence further vitalize the religious and non-religious reactionary forces by its militaristic policies.

Afghanistan Liberation Organization (ALO) which has been engaged in struggle against the dirty religious creatures of US, Iran, Pakistan and some other Islamic countries for years, now too will continue its struggle against the Taliban and other reactionary bands till the end. Liberation of Afghanistan is not possible unless the setups dependent to Pakistan and criminal regimes of Iran, Saudi Arabia etc. are overthrown.

Cooperation of the Afghan and other people of the world is the only way for a successful and effective struggle against religious terrorism. And it is the task of all proletarian and revolutionary movements of America and other developed capitalist countries to practically demonstrate their inspiring impact and presence in the current showdown of religious terrorists and their yesterday’s masters by securing a militant solidarity with the progressive movements in underdeveloped and backward countries and in the first place Afghanistan.

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