Declaration of Intent of the Anti-Imperialist Camp

August 2000

Declaration of Intent of the Anti-Imperialist Camp

By | 06/26/2015

The Anti-Imperialist Camp is a coordination that was constituted in August 2000 by organisations and movements from all continents. Political differences did not prevent these organisations from coordinating in order to give strength to the common struggle against the common enemy: imperialist globalisation.

We respect all forms of struggle used by all organisations and movements in different countries and different circumstances in order to put an end to exploitation and oppression.

The Camp advocates the highest unity in the struggle against the common enemy, declaring that imperialism is the most cruel of all capitalist systems. Thus, it cannot be overthrown without putting an end to national, social and class injustice and inequality. The struggle against imperialist globalisation can only be an International one. Thus, it needs the broadest and most unitarian and radical mass mobilisation, in the South as well as in the North, in the East just like in the West.

We consider it as our aim to help this coordination through communication, information and unity in action on a world scale. We want to play this role following the best traditions of the revolutionary international movement of this century, which despite its big mistakes has always fought imperialism and capitalism. Our defeat does not allow us neither to deny our roots nor to reduce our struggle to pure and simple resistance. Recently, we have noticed new conflicts coming up on a world scale, people’s struggles being aggravated. In fact, the peoples are not willing anymore to accept neo-liberalism and globalisation as the overall form of life. Poverty is growing also in the so-called rich countries, while it is becoming dominant in the peripheral countries. New inventions in the field of nutrition will make impossible any kind of commercial exchange of the underdeveloped countries. Thus, there are the preconditions to reopen the struggle against this imperialist system. Also, there are the preconditions for the creation of a new international current reaching Latin America as well as Asia, Africa as well as Europe. Thus, we are not only a component of the movement against globalisation, we want to coordinate and give voice to its most consequent part: to the proletarians, the peasants, the unemployed, to all those who are exploited and marginalized by this system. Only the exploited and oppressed masses do have the power to overthrow capitalism, thus paving the way to the more difficult but inspiring aim: the liberation and emancipation of mankind. We appeal to all revolutionary movements and all organisations struggling in the defence of the exploited and peoples, the persecuted, the political prisoners and all those who every day suffer from this system’s injustice which considers profit to be the only possible form of progress. We appeal to all these movements and organisations to unite in a common front against the imperialist system, which is bringing only destruction and death to this planet.

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