Final resolution of the Anti-Imperialist Camp, Assisi, 2001 – Global Intifada against globalisation

By | 06/26/2015

The struggle against globalisation must become a popular and anti-imperialist one – a global Intifada is necessary

The Anti-imperialist Camp schedules international actions to support the Palestinian and Colombian peoples in their just struggle against imperialism

At Assisi, representatives of popular anti-imperialist forces have been meeting from July 28 to August 4 with the support of more than a hundred organisations from all around the world. This genuine counter-summit of the oppressed and exploited peoples together with anti-imperialists of the West took place only one week after the massive anti-globalisation mobilisation against the G8 in Genoa. As an integral part of the movement, we, the anti-imperialist forces of the world, insist that our movement has to remain unified against the massive repression of the capitalist state and has to defend all the protesters. Therefore the camp has been dedicated to the first martyr of our movement, Carlo Giuliani, assassinated by the police in Genoa. The capitalist class is intending to split our movement and to integrate one part in the capitalist system trying to use it as a fig leaf camouflaging the devastating impact of capitalist globalisation. They fear that the continuation of the global social massacre caused by savage neo-liberalism will sooner or later evoke turmoil and resistance which will in turn seriously threaten imperialist domination. We express our concerns about slogans calling for a “globalisation from below” and for the “control of the civil society over globalisation,” slogans which neither question capitalism nor imperialism. On the contrary, they could be used to give capitalist globalisation a social cover. The Anti-imperialist Camp will concentrate all its forces to develop the movement against globalisation into one directed against capitalism and imperialism and to form step by step, a solid international anti-imperialist front with the final aim to defeat and overthrow capitalism and to establish popular power.

The driving force for this struggle will be the peoples most affected by globalisation, which is nothing else than the savage tyranny of imperialism. The anti-imperialist forces in Assisi have decided to take common exemplary action on the most outstanding examples of popular resistance. Victories in these places will be heavy blows to the common enemy:

We reaffirm our full support for the Palestinian revolution and its new heroic Intifada for self-determination against imperialism and Zionism. On the occasion of the first anniversary of the Intifada, September 28, we will organise solidarity actions all around the world and we will send a solidarity delegation to the occupied territories. We call for a halt to the massacre committed by the Zionist occupation forces. We fight for the legitimate right to return of all Palestinian refugees and the withdrawal of the Zionist occupation forces from all Arab territories. We support the right of the Palestinian people to build their own state with Jerusalem as the capital, which must lead to a democratic and secular state in entire Palestine for all people living there.

The anti-imperialist forces are supporting the popular and armed movements of the Colombian people in their struggle for a just and social peace. We denounce the daily massacres carried out by the paramilitary forces and the army against the poor peasants, the workers and all those who defend their rights in the social, political and military struggle. We will do whatever we can to fight the increasing aggression of US imperialism under the pretext of “fighting drug trafficking” which finds its expression in the Plan Colombia that supports the paramilitary forces and the army of the capitalist oligarchy (who as a matter of fact is the main drug dealer). At the same time we denounce the “Andean initiative” and the Plan Puebla-Panama as an instrument for the political, military and economic control of Latin America. The anti-imperialist camp regards the struggle of the Colombian poor masses as our own struggle. It is a driving force of the popular struggle from Ecuador to Venezuela, from Argentine to Peru. We are calling for a common international day of action whose date is still to be announced.

As the so-called democratic world represses all those forces fighting for popular democracy and social equality we are calling for a day of action dedicated to those hundreds of thousands of our comrades and prisoners of war who are incarcerated, tortured and killed by imperialism and their allies or have “disappeared.” It will be hold on the first anniversary, October 20, of the death fast of the political prisoners fighting against the NATO stronghold Turkey, a struggle in which already more than 60 prisoners have given their lives for the cause of revolution. A second common international action is scheduled for December 10, the day of human rights.

The Anti-imperialist Camp is determined to heighten the awareness that imperialism is responsible for the genocide in Africa. While the West is using this genocide as a pretext to intervene, they keep instigating fratricidal wars and massacres thus increasing the ongoing exploitation, looting and devastation of the continent. We are supporting the struggle of the Congolese people for sovereignty against the occupation forces backed by the US. We firmly believe that only African popular unity will be able to liberate the continent from imperialist domination and will provide development, peace and social equality.

We are condemning the vicious anti-Islamic campaign conducted by the Western media which is steadily providing a pretext for the imperialist aggression trying to smash the resistance of the Islamic world and the Arab peoples against imperialist domination. We are supporting all popular forces fighting against imperialism no matter what political, cultural and religious affiliation they might have. At the same time we grant support to the left and communist forces fighting against reactionary regimes like the Taliban in Afghanistan who serve imperialism under the guise of Islam.

Again we firmly denounce the prolonged aggression against Yugoslavia which has led to the installation of a Western puppet regime. In order to legitimise their criminal bombardment and embargo, NATO has set up an infamous inquisition “tribunal” against all people refusing to subordinate to the “New World Order.” We call for the dissolution of The Hague’s “tribunal.” The NATO war criminals have no right to put anybody to trial! It’s them who must be brought before a popular trial for their crimes against humanity.

The anti-imperialist forces pledge to fight by all possible means the genocidal embargos against Iraq, Cuba and all those countries and peoples who are not willing to accept the imperialist dictate.

We support the struggle of all peoples for national, social and cultural self-determination against imperialism which is not only exploiting and oppressing but also trying to impose neo-liberal American culture on us. We also grant solidarity to the Basque, the Irish, the Corse, the Sard, the Scottish and many other peoples who are fighting against the imperialist fortress of the European Union from inside for their national and social self-determination.

We condemn in the strongest term the activities of the so-called Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in the oppressed countries who are basically used by the imperialist establishments to divert the serious popular struggle movements in place of “sustainable” exploitation backed by the Western “civil society.” The NGOs are used to pacify revolutionary conditions of nations oppressed by imperialism. The NGOs are spies and agents of imperialist, illegitimate buy-outs of the people struggle.

All the participants commit themselves to strengthen the mutual exchange and co-operation for example by contributing to our common web site www.antiimperialista.com. We will at the same time search for co-ordination with other initiatives striving for the same aim (like for example the annual Quito seminary). A new anti-imperialist camp has been scheduled for summer 2002. The place is yet to be announced.

Rebellion is legitimate – organisation is necessary!

  • ALO, Afghanistan Liberation Organisation
  • BAYAN International, New Patriotic Alliance of the Philippines, Europe
  • Block for People’s Power, Mexico
  • Communitarism and Independence, Sardinia
  • Confederation of Sard Communists
  • D17, Direction 17, Italy
  • DHKC, Revolutionary People’s Liberation Front, Turkey
  • European Movement for a Tribunal against NATO, Germany
  • FEUV, Federation of University Students of Venezuela
  • GUPS, General Union of Palestinian Students, Austria
  • IDP, Popular Democratic Left, Mexico
  • ILC, International Leninist Current
  • Loyalty to Men and Earth, Movement of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon
  • MIGRANTE, Organisation of Philippine Immigrants in Europe, the US and Japan
  • Molon, Movement for the Liberation of Nigeria
  • PCMLE, Communist Party Marxist Leninist, Ecuador
  • PFLP, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Friends in Europe
  • Red Action, Duisburg, Germany
  • RKL, Revolutionary Communist League, Austria
  • RKL-T, Revolutionary Communist League Thuringia, Germany
  • Russian Maoist Party
  • Senideak, Association of support to the Basque political prisoners
  • Support Group “Colombia never again,” Switzerland
  • Youth and Human Settlement Development Network, Senegal

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