September 11, 2001, 2:35 pm EST

Violence reaches home for Amerikans: What caused it?

By | 06/29/2015

The United States Government sacrificed thousands of its citizens today through its unwillingness to support serious steps toward global peace and economic harmony. After the hijacking and crashing of four jetliners and the collapse of the World Trade Center towers on September 11, the U.S. Government could only ask “who?”

The United $tates has accumulated so many serious enemies that it was difficult to answer “who did it?” The Taliban ruling in Afghanistan supposedly giving sanctuary to Osama Bin Laden, who the United States Government has done so much to vilify, issued a statement condemning the bombings and expressing sympathy for the United $tates. Likewise, various Palestinian leaders also denied responsibility.

“Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat condemned the attack, saying he ‘sent his condolences and those of the Palestinian people to Bush and the American people.’”

On the street, the first persyn MIM overheard discussing the bombing was a Black womyn who was talking about the possibility that Israel did it. The conclusion would be that Israel organized the attacks to consolidate U.$. public opinion against the Palestinians.

In any case, the fact that there are so many possible threats in the world is something that should tell the leaders of the United $tates that problems have reached well-beyond the point where they can be managed by keeping track of various peoples and groups. U.$. leaders have failed miserably with their arrogant superpower attitude that denies the simple fact that in this modern world almost anyone can kill anyone with high-tech weapons.

Countless commentators focussed on “security” as if it were possible to stop high-tech weapon use, bribery or mistakes with “security.” With so many plane crashes and explosions, Amerikans should learn the lesson that tighter “security” cannot solve the problem. There will always be fancier weapons that can be hidden in ever fancier ways as long as there is war and someone who can make a profit from making ever more high-tech weapons. The idea that these explosions can be blamed on security guards in Newark, Boston and Washington Dulles airports is ludicrous.

The U.$. people must also learn their lesson, because as Karl Marx said, people only obtain the leaders that they deserve. While the last presidential election hinged on Monica Lewinsky and George Bush’s supposed amiability as someone “to drink a beer with,” the U.S. Government kept up a grinding war against peoples all over the world. The U.$. people have treated politics as a joke, the whole time that multi-billion dollar U.$.-sponsored wars are going on all around the world and people starve to death in eight digit figures annually. The complacency of the Amerikan public reached such a low that arose and surpassed the major mainstream news outlets in the 18–34 male demographic group by using nude news announcers. It is precisely the people of the United $tates who as part of the world’s superpower must be most relentless in the pursuit of global peace, and not get sidetracked with comfortable and arrogant attitudes.

Pearl Harbor comparison

European Union (EU) External Relations Commissioner Chris Patten, Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska and television announcers compared the attack to Pearl Harbor. In this way, these people denounce the attackers while playing the role of innocent and peaceful victims. However, if the attackers were motivated by the events in the Middle East, the U.$. people have no business pretending they have been neutral, uninvolved or peaceful.

The United $tates has aided Israel with billions in military aid each year. The latest poll in the United $tates shows that 41% supported Israel and 14% supported the Palestinian side of the conflict there. Since 1988, polls show that support for the Palestinians never reached 20%. Meanwhile, as the recent UN Conference on racism showed, it is the United $tates and Israel almost alone in the world who support their own die-hard racism, including the official and open racism of the Zionist entity known as Israel.

As flames and smoke billowed from the Pentagon where a whole side of the building collapsed, it became clear that whoever the attackers were, they had a very, very clear sense of enemy. They attacked the seat of wealth and the seat of military power. With the Pennsylvania crash seen as an attempted attack on “Camp David” where numerous Mideast and other “peace” talks have been held and the bombing of the State Department, the attackers made it clear that they were not aiming at killing ordinary Amerikans and that they had a clear sense of who is responsible for what in the United $tates.

Communism the only real answer

The world is too small and the weapons are too high-tech for there to be any real solution other than communism. Even the capture of Osama Bin Laden or others would do nothing to alter the fact that the targets attacked today are carrying out multi-billion dollar wars angering millions of people all over the planet. The time has long since passed when the humyn species can afford such an approach to international relations. The longer the U.$. people blame some security guards, make villains out of a handful of people like Osama Bin Laden and talk about “giving up freedoms” to have safety, the more violence will go on, just as it already does go on in the Middle East and the Third World. Achieving communism will be very difficult, but much less difficult than enduring this kind of grinding daily violence which threatens the whole species.

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