RYCL(b) Is Surely Internationalist Group

By | 07/03/2015

Recently my Italian friend acquainted me with text “Bylevsky Komsomol” posted to Web by Lisa Taylor (International Solidarity with Workers of Russia). After reading this I decided to write this statement because as I have heard this text has widely spread. Lisa Taylor’s charges are quite false. I know that Maoist faction in the Communist… Read More »

Empire RF-ia

By | 06/30/2015

Here are some of the most recent examples of how today’s Russian Federation plays the role of a semi-/sub-empire: “The minority shareholders of the largest oil refinery in Bulgaria, Lukoil Neftokhim, have voiced their concern over the actions of the the Russian oil company Lukoil, owner of a controlling stake in the Bulgarian firm… The… Read More »

Russian Imports and Exports

By | 06/30/2015

Generally speaking, the following data are very approximate, as they don’t take into account either the military pressure of the Ru$$ian Federation in Central Asia and the Caucasus, or debts and the appetites generated by them (like in the case of Mongolia), or investments and the profits from them (as in the case of Vietnam).… Read More »