News of the World, Scottish edition, Sunday, September 23, 2001, p. 21.


Tartan Hate Group Links With IRA For Terror Plot

By | 06/25/2015

The anti-English campaign to frighten Prince William from St Andrews University has active backing from other terror groups.

On the eve of his arrival to begin art history studies they are already determined to make him quit his four-year course. A major News of the World investigation has raised serious concerns over the safety of the 19-year-old heir whose first term begins on September 24.

Behind the plot to create major disruption to Wills and his 6,000 fellow students is the outlawed Scottish National Liberation Army.

Fanatic members led by 51-year-old founder member Adam Busby – a distant relative of football legend Sir Matt – want the Prince driven from Scotland just because he is English.

The tiny group of tartan terrorists, with cells in Dundee and Dumfries, would have little chance of success on their own.

But former Argyll and Sutherland Highlander Busby and his followers have formed a series of potentially lethal links.

We can reveal they have support from the Real IRA – blamed for the Omagh bomb outrage that killed 29 people – the Russian Maoist Party, animal rights campaigners and an American-based pro-Celtic group dedicated to damaging English business interests.

From his Dublin home Busby is in regular contact with the Real IRA and was at one time arrested on suspicion of being a member of the extremist organisation.

Irish police were forced to release him through lack of evidence.

The SNLA which uses its political wing, the Scottish Separatist Group, as a front for terror tactics has warned: “We can kill William should he attend, and we will.

And in a horrifying new move the terrorists have set up a special website, The Assassin’s Guide to St Andrews, which promises maniacs intent on harming Wills: “Here is all the info you will need to kill him.

It gives details of his movements, including a map of the town, suggests a spot for planting a car bomb which will “kill him and everyone else in the vicinity” and says “no claim of responsibility must be made immediately as separate organisations are involved and this will confuse the investigation.

During his terms at St Andrews Prince William will be protected by an armed personal bodyguard who will be able to call on a tiny unit from Fife police and members of the University’s own security staff.

But there are fears that police are not taking the danger seriously enough.

The SNLA has spent two years developing expertise in poisons and infiltrating electronic systems.

Two years ago a detailed threat to cause mass murder in the Birmingham area by poisoning water supplies was discussed by Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Cabinet.

The warning came in a series of letters posted in the Midlands by a Real IRA cell and animal rights volunteers.

Busby was arrested in Dublin and later released.

Since then the SNLA has made the most of help from highly educated sympathisers belonging to the other terror groups.

The American FBI now has a file on the SNLA after a series of frightening packages were sent in December to companies selling English-made goods and offices promoting business and tourism in Britain.

Claims that they were filled with a powder containing killer anthrax spores – there is no cure – were taken seriously until analysts discovered the substance was harmless.

FBI agents traced the packages to Phoenix, Arizona.

They were unable to discover the senders but we can reveal SNLA members and Real IRA supporters posted them.

Both organisations have members actively fund raising in the USA.

Money to fund the Scottish Separatist Group and SNLA comes through the California-based William Wallace Society.

Since then the tartan terrorists with the help and guidance of the other groups have concentrated on attacking e-mail systems used by police forces in Scotland, the Scottish Executive, airlines, offices involved in promoting trade and tourism, St. Andrews University and media organisations.

Electronic mail purporting to come from senior Metropolitan police officers, University staff and even Scotland’s First Minister Henry McLeish has been so convincing it has fooled police and businesses.

Further packages falsely alleged to contain anthrax have been delivered to the heart of the University.

Details of security arrangements for the Prince have been posted on a Real IRA website. And when the Home Office ordered server company Angelfire to remove the Scottish Separatist Group website the madcap Russian Maoist Party stepped in and is now hosting the site.

The Maoists have handed in a protest note to the British Embassy in Moscow complaining at the Prince being given at place at St. Andrews.

Irish Special Branch officers have recently been shadowing Busby, checking at any shops and offices visited by him.

At his Dublin home Busby said: “I have absolutely nothing to say to you or your f****** paper.

But a former SNLA member said: “It’s obvious the police don’t realise Busby has organised tie-ups with people like the Real IRA.

“He has recruited younger, university-educated people who have studied the effects of neuro-toxins, which were used as germ warfare weapons by the Russians in Afghanistan, and Dimethyl Sulfoxides which are safe on their own but can be highly dangerous when mixed with other chemicals.

“And disrupting police and other emergency service e-mail systems could be disastrous in an emergency situation.”

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