News of the World, Scottish edition, Sunday, June 24, 2001, p. 33.


Russians Help Tartan Terrorists Target Wills

By | 06/25/2015

Russian terrorists are backing Tartan extremists plotting chaos to arrangements for guarding Prince William when he studies at a Scottish university.

Electronics experts in Russia have already helped organise a series of computer attacks targeting police forces, government agencies and St. Andrews University where the Prince will study the history of art.

The Reds stepped in after British-based service providers were told to remove a website run by the Scottish Separatist Group.

This followed complaints by Archie Kirkwood, Lib-Dem MP for Roxburgh and Berwickshire and chairman of the all-party Commons Social Security Committee, that the site was being used by the Scottish National Liberation Army to collect personal details of English immigrants living in Scotland.

One of the sworn aims of the SNLA is to boot out English settlers, including Prince William who is due to start his three-year course at St. Andrews in September.

Officers from the Royalty Protection Squad, Special Branch detectives and senior officers from Fife Police have held a series of meetings with officials from the University to discuss plans for ensuring the Prince can study in safety and peace.

But the SNLA has warned it will go flat out to cause problems. It says the Prince’s place should have been offered to a Scot.

It used the website run by its’ political wing, the SSG, to promote demands for an independent Scottish Republic, until it was closed after Mr. Kirkwood asked the Home Office to intervene on the grounds that the views were racist.

Fanatics from the Russian Maoist Party, blamed for a recent Moscow bombing, provided their electronic facilities to the tartan terrorists.

The SNLA used the service this week to send out to government departments and police forces in Scotland an elaborate hoax message purporting to be from an executive at St. Andrews University and giving details of the operation for protecting the 19-year-old Prince.

Part of the message claimed: “Members of the public are routinely monitored on the beaches and on the outskirts of the University.

“This is a routine measure which has been accepted with good grace by the general public.”

The message was claimed to have been sent by Claire Grainger, Press Officer to the University and gave details of her direct telephone and fax numbers.

A mole in the University tips off the SNLA about staff details and movements.

Claire said: “This is a crank press release and has nothing whatsoever to do with the University.”

The SNLA boasted: “Kirkwood will live to regret his interference with our right to free speech.”

“The SSG website is now being hosted on a Russian server and is being extensively reconstructed to include material so threatening that the Home Office will regret their act of censorship.”

“If the English Home Office wants to complain about our content it should do so to the Russian Maoist Party. I doubt their whines will cut much ice with the Russians.”

The SNLA has carried out a series of tests aimed at sending up to 25,000 electronic messages at a time to Scottish police forces in a bid to discover how much disruption these can cause.

It has also deluged the Labour party claiming: “Our cyber-war attacks are in protest against continuing mass English immigration into Scotland.

“These demonstrate we have the ability to disrupt British Government communications at will. We will continue to strike.”

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