Chinese Communist Strategy toward the Islamic Countrues by Lt Col Alvin C. Isaacs, Ordnance Corps, US Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, 8 April 1966, p. 46. ← "Chinese Foreign Ministry Statement Supports Struggle of Arab Countries Against the West," Communist China Digest, No. 157, 16 Nov. 1965, pp. 103-104.


Chinese Foreign Ministry Statement

By | 10/10/2015

On May 13, the Bonn government of West Germany, disregarding the strong opposition of the Arab peoples, brazenly established full diplomatic relations with Israel. This is a new provocation against the Arab peoples made by West German militarism and Zionism at U.S. imperialist instigation; it is also a grave provocation against the people of Asia, Africa and
the whole world. . . .

What is called Israel is nothing but a product of the U.S. imperialist policy of aggression. The whole world knows that it is U.S. imperialism which, manipulating the United Nations, artificially created Israel as a dagger thrust into the heart of the Arab world and it is U.S. imperialism which has spent billions of American dollars in rearing and arming
Israel so as to threaten the independence and security of the Arab countries. . . .

The Arab people have risen like one man against the aggression and provocation of their enemies, U.S. imperialism, West German militarism, and Zionism; they have demonstrated the nettle of a heroic people and so won general praise among the peoples of the world.

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