Circa 2004

The briefly formulated communists’ blames against the Russian Communist Workers’ Party

By | 02/11/2016
  1. The RCWP—RPC is far from being so numerous and strong as it tries to simulate (it declares that it has 55 thousand members but really has only about 3 thousand members). It is not a workers’ party, it just rarely nominates workers at elections. It has only few youth or women, its main stuff are oldsters and it is frequently and wittingly guided by them.

  2. There is no inner-party democracy in the RCWP—RPC, bosses runs everything, questions are solved at the backstage, masses are kept in ignorance, the criticism from below is suppressed, conditions for discussion are not created. Even the 1998 Program was accepted by Congress delegates blindly. Control bodies are helpless, they exist for the sake of appearances. It happens that bosses use cunning, deceive their own party and the public.

  3. The RCWP—RPC doesn’t recognise the restoration of capitalism in the USSR by Khrushchovite—Brezhnevite revisionists and that the main causes of that restoration were internal. The revisionist regime is regularly eulogized, including its worse enterprises, such as the confrontation with the Maoist China, intrusions into Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan. Brezhnev’s or Andropov’s coming to power is wrongly described as the return of the socialism. The party is the successor of the revisionist “CPSU”, the bosses had average posts in it. They hadn’t breaken with it right up to its crash but were critically supporting Gorbachovs free-market reforms. The party allows idealistic statements about a continuation of the existence of the USSR de jure.

  4. The RCWP—RPC opportunistically treats the basic concepts of communism: it allows supporting “market socialism” and protects petty-bourgeois “personal property”, easily removes revolution from the propagation under insignificant pressure, has accepted the concept of the proletarian dictatorship only inconsistently and with deviation at every step, and all the same spoils it with the rotten formalism.

  5. At the international level the RCWP—RPC prefers to maintain relations with other centrist parties (“Communist Party of Greece”, “Workers Party of Belgium”, “New Communist Party of Yugoslavia”), participates in forums with the Chinese and Vietnamese revisionists, doesn’t shun to support anti-Semites (the Communist Party of Syria) and bloody traitors of revolution (the Communist Party of India (Marxist)). The party considers present China and Vietnam as the socialist countries.

  6. The RCWP—RPC consistently wrongly estimates the extremely opportunistic, reactionary, nationalist “Communist party of the Russian Federation” as communist party, periodically daring to say even about support of its programs. The RCWP—RPC dissolves in the “Communist Party of the Russian Federation” on parliamentary elections and supports its representative on presidential elections.

  7. The RCWP—RPC considers the right-wing nationalist organizations (“Russian All-People’s Union”, “Movement in Support of the Army”, G. Tikhonov’s “The Union”, “Agrarian Party of Russia”, “Army of the People’s Will”) and newspapers (Zavtra, Duel) as its allies and friends. The party even nominated neo-fascist bard A. Harchikov on parliamentary elections.

  8. Chauvinism and anti-Semitism are widespread in the RCWP—RPC, including even its top (B. Yachmenyov, G. Turetsky, Y. Slobodkin). One of the main party newspapers Trudovaya Tyumen (under the leadership of A. Tcherepanov, who is one of the party’s leaders) regularly publishes anti-Semitic materials and the central newspaper Trudovaya Rossiya occasionally does just the way. Anti-Semitism is even fixed in the party program in the guise of “anti-Zionism”. The constant author of Trudovaya Tyumen A. Ushakov (who majors in chauvinism of the “Yellow Peril” fear) and the Leningrad leader G. Turetsky talks in chauvinistic manner routinely. Trudovaya Rossiya allows the kindling of anti-migrant moods.

  9. The RCWP—RPC avoids the question about neo-colonial oppression of non-Russians areas (internal and external) by Russia. The RCWP—RPC doesn’t consistently condemn the Kremlin’s war and occupation of the Chechen Republic. Moreover, its members periodically expresses sympathy to these actions and even to Budanov’s gangsterism (the widely known colonel—the murderer of Chechen young girl Kungaeva).

  10. Members of the RCWP–RPC frequently substitute proletarian internationalism with the pan-Slavism and the glorification of Lukashenko and Milosevic. Also the belief in a special way of Russia (in the spirit of the reactionary pseudo-science geopolitics) and special advantages of Russian people is frequently exposed. They whitewashe predatory politics of Tsarism. The RCWP—RPC allows the “state patriotism” and even the “red Putinism” (D. Kuzmin). The bourgeois military service and the strengthening of army is frequently propagandized (R. Barmin, D. Kuzmin, G. Turetsky).

  11. The RCWP—RPC allows the propagation of privileges of the Orthodoxy Church (V. Bahvalov, G. Ruzova, V. Kushakov) and, on the contrary, the propagation of neo-pagan mysticism (M. Osintsev in the newspaper Trudovaya Tyumen).

  12. Patriarchal views of the RCWP—RPC are exposed in talks against sexual education of youth (A. Zhivoluk, G. Ruzova) and for an interdiction of abortions (A. Buslaev), but especially in widespread homophobia in which the party is close to reactionary phoney-scientists (like A. Zimichev).

  13. The RCWP—RPC pursues the mendacious politics that was exposed, for example, by the supporting for Petersburg governor Yakovlev and Chelyabinsk governor Sumin. It happens that the high-ranking members of the RCWP—RPC run to the progovernmental party (B. Borneliner) or show of their readiness to do so (N. Sarvarov).

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