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No to the oppression of sexual minorities! Yes to the concerns for the real needs of the people!

By | 04/20/2016

The deputies of RuSSia’s [sic] federal Duma continue to support the processes of their bureaucratic thinking at the expense of the workers; processes which are completely useless and often even harmful for our suffering people. V. Bulavinov, G. Raykov, D. Rogozin and later A. Mitrofanov have become troubled by the depopulation of the Russian people and with a bourgeois casualness offered to solve this problem by welcoming gays and lesbians into the jail system.

Of course, from the point of view of the ruling class, the reduction of workforce, which it sees as unfavourable, is caused by the uncomfortable conquest of democracy, for example individual freedom. As we analyze the assessment of depopulation as an abnormal phenomenon, we look at it from the point of view of the people, struggling not due to an excess of civil liberties, but rather due to the lack of the most basic means of existence.

To oppose the utopian stupid plans of the deputies, as they seek to force the people to reproduce like livestock, we put forward our fair demands, the carrying out of which is indissolubly tied to the normalization of the demographic situation:

  • The liquidation of poverty, the establishment of salaries and social benefits at a fitting level for all and the timely payment thereof;
  • The uninterrupted supplying of the population with electricity, cold and hot water and gas;
  • The resettlement of people living in homes that do not meet sanitary requirements into new apartments;
  • The return to free and quality education and health care;
  • The integration of youth sexual education in order to reduce the level of abortions and sexually-transmitted diseases.

It goes without saying that for all this, it is necessary that the rich abandon the capitals, which serve only them, and that the public servants start working not for their own benefit and their protectors, but rather for the common good. The people do not need the masters showing them how to correctly have sex. The people need what belongs rightfully to them – willpower and the resources created by its labour.

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  1. Maonitoba

    Sorry to comment here about it, but is there any way to find out about the current actions of the RMP? Their past documents are very interesting, moreso is the present.

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