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Points on Belarus

By | 08/22/2020

The events in Belarus are described in the letter of the Collective Editorial Board and the RMP statement. However, these texts are long, sophisticated and require thoughtful study. So I will try to describe the situation as briefly and clearly as possible.

  1. The bureaucratic ossified ruling regime committed violations of democratic procedures in the presidential elections (it’s not entirely clear how large they were, but they were noticeable). Protests followed. The regime responded with brutal police violence that sparked widespread discontent.

  2. The protest movement is insensitive to ideologies, both reactionary and progressive, doesn’t articulate any goals other than the resignation of President Lukashenko, and doesn’t form independent institutions.

  3. The top opposition, chanting fine words about democracy and claiming power, is of a liberal and nationalist even ultra-reactionary kind.

  4. Opportunists are lakeying the regime or the opposition. Real communists have no influence; some of them are trying to reorient workers’ collectives towards economic and socialist politic demands, but no success is heard.