Joint Declaration by the Russian Maoist Party and the Scottish Separatist Group

By | 06/24/2015

The Russian Maoist Party (RMP) and the Scottish Separatist Group (SSG) consider the principal contradiction of today’s world to be the national contradiction between the oppressor nations of the “developed” imperialist countries on the one hand, and the oppressed peoples of the Third World and the internal semi-colonies of the Metropolis countries, on the other. The recently much spoken-of phenomenon of “globalisation” is nothing else but a new incarnation… Read More »

Press Release

By | 06/24/2015

In a display of international solidarity, representatives of the Russian Maoist Party have delivered a letter of protest to the British Embassy in Moscow. The RMP’s letter of 11th September 2001 was in protest against the proposed presence of the English “Prince” William at St Andrews University in Scotland. The letter pointed out that the proposal to have the “Prince” educated in Scotland was merely a cynical… Read More »