On the ICOR-Resolution on US Presidential Election

By | 12/25/2016

We regret that the ICC of the ICOR ignored our political observations on the draft ICOR-Resolution on US presidential election and consider it necessary to openly express our views in this text and the results of the election. We share and support the title idea of the resolution: “US presidential election between pest and cholera”. However, the resolution by itself runs counter to that title. It’s very one-sided and all along suggests that Clinton is… Read More »

No to the oppression of sexual minorities! Yes to the concerns for the real needs of the people!

By | 04/20/2016

The deputies of RuSSia’s [sic] federal Duma continue to support the processes of their bureaucratic thinking at the expense of the workers; processes which are completely useless and often even harmful for our suffering people. V. Bulavinov, G. Raykov, D. Rogozin and later A. Mitrofanov have become troubled by the depopulation of the Russian people… Read More »

We are the Russian Maoist Party, the Party of Rednecks, Dirty Migrants, Chicks and Faggots

By | 02/04/2016

We are the Russian Maoist Party, the party of rednecks, dirty migrants, chicks and faggots. That is what the bourgeoisie named us. If only it were not half-blind and could tell us apart – us little, dumb, wicked inbreds. Well, that’s fine, the whole founding congress of the Communist Party of China in 1921 fit… Read More »

On disintegration of Ukraine, on Crimea and Novorossiya

By | 10/28/2015

The current events in Ukraine are caused by the emerging and the consolidation of Ukrainian national state. It is a progressive process in itself, but it has been implemented in highly undesirable way being accompanied by an outburst of reactionary ideologies (chauvinism of all hues, social racism etc.), a war, fascistization of Kiev regime and intensifying of international tensions. Two major nations have more or less taken shape in Ukraine. One, Ukrainian, speaks Ukrainian and… Read More »

Founding Declaration of the Russian Maoist Party

By | 07/01/2015

Approved on June 9, 2000. Updated on January 3-4 and May 21, 2004. Ideology and Method We are Marxists. We believe that the heritage of classical Marxism, in all its fundamental features, adequately reflects the social processes taking place in today’s world. The oblivion into which Marxism has fallen in the Russian public consciousness today… Read More »

Solidarity Message to the Afghanistan Liberation Organization (ALO) in Connection with its Martyrs’ Day (November 12, 2001)

By | 06/29/2015

Dear Comrades! The Russian Maoist Party extends its profoundest condolences to, and warmest fraternal solidarity with, the Afghanistan Liberation Organization (ALO) on occasion of its Martyrs’ Day November 12 – the anniversary of the tragic events when the ultra-fundamentalist Hezb-e Islami of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar abducted and cruelly butchered the ALO leader Dr. Faiz Ahmad along… Read More »

The resolution on the Maoist Internationalist Movement

By | 06/26/2015

MIM’s accusations against the RCP-USA of work for the CIA are unreasonable and foolish. The importunate aspiration to substitute a political question for a questions of espionage and recruitment is a mistake disorienting the Left. The RMP essentially rejects such style of polemic. The RMP recognizes fidelity and high value of the MIM’s position on workers aristocracy, however believes that the criticism against RCP on this question is sharpened in a sectarian manner. In their Draft Program RCP bring up the question of workers aristocracy and directly points out its danger.… Read More »

The Resolution of the RMP on Four Proposals by the ICOR in the Spring of 2015

By | 06/25/2015

On the Solidarity Pact of ICOR with the Kurdish liberation struggle We approve the pact. The cooperation with Kurdish movement and the prevalence of reactionary and Islamist tendencies among Arabs do not justify the current lack of concern by ICOR to circumstances and needs of historical development of Arab nation, which is in sharp contradiction with imperialism. We are concerned… Read More »

Joint Declaration by the Russian Maoist Party and the Scottish Separatist Group

By | 06/24/2015

The Russian Maoist Party (RMP) and the Scottish Separatist Group (SSG) consider the principal contradiction of today’s world to be the national contradiction between the oppressor nations of the “developed” imperialist countries on the one hand, and the oppressed peoples of the Third World and the internal semi-colonies of the Metropolis countries, on the other. The recently much spoken-of phenomenon of “globalisation” is nothing else but a new incarnation… Read More »