The resolution on the Maoist Internationalist Movement

By | 06/26/2015
  1. MIM’s accusations against the RCP-USA of work for the CIA are unreasonable and foolish. The importunate aspiration to substitute a political question for a questions of espionage and recruitment is a mistake disorienting the Left. The RMP essentially rejects such style of polemic.

  2. The RMP recognizes fidelity and high value of the MIM’s position on workers aristocracy, however believes that the criticism against RCP on this question is sharpened in a sectarian manner. In their Draft Program RCP bring up the question of workers aristocracy and directly points out its danger. This favourably distinguishes it from almost all Russian left and very many of the Maoist parties.

  3. The RMP recognizes and protects the right of revolutionaries of the Third world to independently determine a moment for launchings and suspensions of the armed struggle. Accordingly the RMP estimates brawls around so-called “peace letters” as the unhealthy phenomenon.

  4. The RMP recognizes that criticism of actions against the Iranian dictatorship in the Euro-American centers is justified. Such actions are promoting the justification of imperialistic aggression against Iran (though struggle against a patriarchy inside Iran itself is justified and pertinent). For RCP-USA it was a heavy mistake and manifestation of flippancy to take part in these actions. However the MIM exaggerates the fault of RCP, falsely assertin that these actions have not been directed also against USA&EU imperialism. Besides the MIM has not presented weighty proofs to the statements about a linkage CP of  Iran (MLM) with these actions.

  5. The RMP agrees with MIM’s condemnation of the 4/30/2006 action against the Iranian nuclear program, however doesn’t see clear proofs that the MEK concerns it and doesn’t see any MEK’s linkage with the RCP-USA or CPI(MLM). On the contrary, Iranian Maoists responded about MEK negatively.

  6. The MIM dictates to Iranian Maoists how they should assert independence of their country. This is a manifestation of arrogant First-world hegemonism which should be condemned. Even more so the MIM commits free interpretation (actually distortion) of CPI(MLM) stands.

  7. The RMP believes that the MIM, having refused any correspondence and having armed itself with unintelligible style of hints and allegories, dooms the former allies to mistakes because of undercomprehension.

  8. The RMP sees three circles of allies abroad (from the widest up to the closest):

    1. The groups proclaiming the proletarian revolution as their purpose, rejecting old and modern revisionism, not being active conductors of workers-aristocratic and Euro-centrist ideology. It can be Maoist, Hoxhaist, neo-Stalinist and even Trotskist, Left Communist etc. groups. We put the MLPD to this category because mutually advantageous cooperation with it has historically developed and should proceed.

    2. The groups on the Chinese Marxists side in the Great Polemics against the Soviet revisionism, recognizing progressiveness and importance of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (and accordingly personally Mao and “the Shanghai four”), pointing out non-revolutionary character and danger of workers aristocracy (the recent criterion is not necessarily applied to the countries of the Third world). We put the MIM, the RCP-USA, the RCP Canada and the CP Aotearoa in the First world to this category.

    3. The groups satisfying the previous criteria, maintaining constant contact with us and having been enlisted in the nearest circle with the special decision of our party. We put now GCR Red Wedge (Belarus), CSWM (Ukraine) and Maoist Anti-Imperialistic Circle (Moldova) to this category.

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