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On the draft Call for a day of mobilization against the wars of capital

By | 02/20/2024

Recently, the European Coordination Committee of the ICOR sent out a draft Call for a day of mobilization against the wars of capital. Unfortunately, this draft actually distorts the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and propose a completely invalid analysis. For starters, the allegation that the war in Ukraine began just on February 24, 2022, is completely wrong. Actually, this war began in the spring of 2014, when the Kyiv chauvinistic neo-Bandera regime tried to suppress the national liberation movement in the southeastern border region with… Read More »

On Russia’s military presence in Latin America

By | 06/26/2023

In short. The draft call of the ICOR on the World Day of Peace on September 1, 2015 included a number of clearly Russophobic propositions. There was a ridiculously exaggerated assessment of the Russian military presence in Latin America and the Caribbean among them. The Russian Maoist Party immediately pointed out the mistakes of the draft and asked to convey our criticism to the other member parties of the ICOR. The ICOR office, however, delayed this for almost a month while the project was being signed. After that, we… Read More »

On Nationalism Among Nepalese Communists

By | 03/16/2022

On December 27, 2015, the Russian Maoist Party (RMP) sent a letter to International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizationa (ICOR) “To the ICOR Office on some questions of the end of 2015”, which reads in part: “We entirely support this draft (resolution against the blockade of Nepal and Rojava) regarding Rojava. But we are rather well informed on Rojava thanks to frequent and diligent informing by the ICOR Office. On the contrary, we know… Read More »

On the resolutions of the 3rd ICOR World Conference

By | 03/03/2018

Many of the resolutions of the Third ICOR World Conference1 do not meet their objective which is to unite and orient the communists all over the world. They are low in quality and rather unclear. There are some obscure formulations2 in them which even the Main Coordinator of the ICOR and the ICOR Office could not explain. Some statements are even politically wrong and harmful. The resolution “Resistance Against  Erdogan Dictatorship” contains Erdogan’s distorted… Read More »

The Current Political Situation of Nepal in Context of the Constitution Amendment Bill (CAB)

By | 08/02/2017

The Russian Maoist Party doesn’t share the assessments expressed in the article but publishes it for the discussion. Geographically Nepal is divided into 3 regions from East to West. High Mountains or Himalayas are in the North, and are Hills in the middle and plain areas of the South, also called Tarai or Madhesh. The… Read More »

Оn the Communist Party of Peru and Scandal around “Peace Talks”

By | 07/03/2015

We (the Russian Maoists) have been long enough ignoring quarrels waging in the world communist movement around the history of “peace talks” of the Peruvian Maoists with the Fujimori’s regime. However recently we have been directly faced with, firstly, rather rigid accusations of our fraternal organization in USA – Maoist Internationalist Movement – in this context and,… Read More »

The resolution on the Maoist Internationalist Movement

By | 06/26/2015

MIM’s accusations against the RCP-USA of work for the CIA are unreasonable and foolish. The importunate aspiration to substitute a political question for a questions of espionage and recruitment is a mistake disorienting the Left. The RMP essentially rejects such style of polemic. The RMP recognizes fidelity and high value of the MIM’s position on workers aristocracy, however believes that the criticism against RCP on this question is sharpened in a sectarian manner. In their Draft Program RCP bring up the question of workers aristocracy and directly points out its danger.… Read More »