‘Banderstadt’ must be abolished!

By | 10/14/2022

Why should the modern Ukrainian regime be abolished?

There are four crucial reasons for this, which significantly distinguish it from those ugly who rule other countries.

  1. It corrupts its own nation with fascism, incites chauvinism and militarism, and spreads a genuine cult of evil. Posing as a liberator from the colonial legacy, it sold the country to the imperialists and kowtow to its masters, forcing its miserable citizens to do the same. It severely punishes dissent and eliminates any opportunity for it.

  2. It turned Southeastern Ukraine, also known as ‘Novorossiya’, into colony. It made the local population (i.e. Russian Ukrainians) third-rate citizens, ceaselessly humiliating and persecuting them, closing the path of historical development for them. It diligently divides them into despised mankurts and Russian agents of influence.

  3. It is a poisonous spitting creature in the service of the US imperialists, serving their intention to deprive sovereignty and plunge into pettiness all those who oppose them i.e. Russia1, and thereby Belarus, Transnistria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, with further plans for the siege of the DPRK and PRC2, not to mention Cuba and Venezuela.

  4. It parasitizes the working people of Europe, and pays them with lies, discord and the threat of war. It brings coldness and international hatred to the proletarians and peoples of the world. It is a slimy terrorist stone in the way of progress.

  1. Even if it is imperialist itself.
  2. Even if it is imperialist itself.

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