On the draft Call for a day of mobilization against the wars of capital

By | 02/20/2024

Recently, the European Coordination Committee of the ICOR sent out a draft Call for a day of mobilization against the wars of capital. Unfortunately, this draft actually distorts the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and propose a completely invalid analysis.

For starters, the allegation that the war in Ukraine began just on February 24, 2022, is completely wrong. Actually, this war began in the spring of 2014, when the Kyiv chauvinistic neo-Bandera regime tried to suppress the national liberation movement in the southeastern border region with an overwhelming dominance of the Russian population. The policy of decommunization and forced assimilation provoked armed resistance, partly supported by Russia. The  reunification of the Russian regions of Crimea and Donbass with Russia was as natural and fair as the Risorgimento in Italy or the unification of China.

The actual end of the ceasefire and the resumption of active warfare did not occur on February 24, 2022, too. Back on February 16, 2022 the neo-Bandera regime, incited by the imperialist Biden administration, intensified firing of Donbass, forcing thousands to flee. The special military operation that followed was Russia’s forced response to this treacherous and inhumane attack. It is completely groundless and erroneous to describe this forced defense of Russia as an “imperialist” war on its part.

The draft rhetorically asks:

“Which war against ‘Nazism’ on the part of Russia, when Putin and his entourage, who want to revive the tsarist empire, are supported by Russian Nazis and in turn support far-right organisations throughout Europe?”

This short phrase is filled with a misinterpretation of reality. The authors of the draft substitute Marxist-Leninist analysis with a mere narration of fibs about “wanting to revive the tsarist empire”, invented and disseminated by NATO gang leaders in order to demagogically cover up their own imperialist expansion, the desire for a bloody redistribution of the European oil and gas market and an attack on international security in the Eastern European region.

Here it is stated that “Putin and his entourage… are supported by Russian Nazis.” It almost looks like all Russian fascists support Putin and only Russian fascists support Putin. But this is obvious nonsense. The truth is that some Russian fascists support Putin. But this is only a very small part of the truth. If you want fully understand the situation, you must also be aware of the following circumstances.

Firstly, many, if not most, Russian fascists support the neo-Bandera regime. There are many known Russian fascists who even fight on the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces against Russia as in so-called “Russian Volunteer Corps” (RVC) for example.

Secondly, even if we do not take into account the RVC, the support of the neo-Bandera regime by Ukrainian fascists is much more widespread and systemic.1

Thirdly, while Putin is forced to confront Ukrainian fascism, he gives the support of the entire Russian people and proletariat, which certainly and overwhelmingly are not “Russian Nazis”!

The supporting Putin by few Russian fascists should not be used as a pretext to devalue or hush up these much more important facts.

It also states that “Putin and his entourage… support far-right organizations throughout Europe.” This allegation is also largely sly. It aims to create the impression that this is systematic support for neo-Nazi gangs, but in fact this is not the case.

Firstly, you should understand that there was talking about right-wing parties indeed, but they are legal in the EU and are even allowed into parliaments. Secondly, there was not talking about any systematic support, but about some episodes of relatively limited interaction. Thirdly, these accusations are invented and kept discussing by journalists of fortune of the ruling bourgeois parties in the interests of winning in political competition. Most of these accusations have always suffered from a lack of reliable evidence.

Fourthly, the largest and most dangerous gangs of neo-fascist murderers in modern Europe are the neo-Bandera armed formations in Ukraine and their elimination is one of the goals of the Russian special military operation.

The authors of the draft confuse Marxist-Leninist analysis with bourgeois public relations, in which the popularization/discrediting of certain political figures is used to distract attention from the objective role they play in current circumstances. However, even if all these accusations against Putin were true and proven, this would not cancel the fact that “Putin and his entourage”, as capitalists, were vitally interested in peaceful trade with the EU, and instead is forced to confront the real fascism and NATO expansion thanks to obvious intrigues by the USA.

To demand “raise the banner” “against both camps of clashing powers” in such conditions means to profane Marxism-Leninism and harm anti-fascist solidarity, just as some so-called “left communists” did during the Second World War. Anyone who understands the actual situation in the region understands that Russia’s “revolutionary defeatism” now means nothing other than neo-Bandera genocide against the people of Donbass. The authors of the draft are trying to draw us into the swamp of the “green” and pseudo-left lackeys of the USA. Communists must not allow themselves to be deceived by “leftist” phrases.

  1. In addition to Russian and Ukrainian neo-fascists, other European neo-fascists are fighting on the side of the neo-Bandera regime: French Groupe Union Défense, Bulgarian National Alliance, CasaPound Italia, «Немецкий добровольческий корпус» and German Der Dritte Weg

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