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No to the oppression of sexual minorities! Yes to the concerns for the real needs of the people!

By | 04/20/2016

The deputies of RuSSia’s [sic] federal Duma continue to support the processes of their bureaucratic thinking at the expense of the workers; processes which are completely useless and often even harmful for our suffering people. V. Bulavinov, G. Raykov, D. Rogozin and later A. Mitrofanov have become troubled by the depopulation of the Russian people and with a bourgeois casualness offered to solve this problem by welcoming gays and lesbians into the jail system.

Of course, from the point of view of the ruling class, the reduction of workforce, which it sees as unfavourable, is caused by the uncomfortable conquest of democracy, for example individual freedom. As we analyze the assessment of depopulation as an abnormal phenomenon, we look at it from the point of view of the people, struggling not due to an excess of civil liberties, but rather due to the lack of the most basic means of existence.

To oppose the utopian stupid plans of the deputies, as they seek to force the people to reproduce like livestock, we put forward our fair demands, the carrying out of which is indissolubly tied to the normalization of the demographic situation:

  • The liquidation of poverty, the establishment of salaries and social benefits at a fitting level for all and the timely payment thereof;
  • The uninterrupted supplying of the population with electricity, cold and hot water and gas;
  • The resettlement of people living in homes that do not meet sanitary requirements into new apartments;
  • The return to free and quality education and health care;
  • The integration of youth sexual education in order to reduce the level of abortions and sexually-transmitted diseases.

It goes without saying that for all this, it is necessary that the rich abandon the capitals, which serve only them, and that the public servants start working not for their own benefit and their protectors, but rather for the common good. The people do not need the masters showing them how to correctly have sex. The people need what belongs rightfully to them – willpower and the resources created by its labour.

The briefly formulated communists’ blames against the Russian Communist Workers’ Party

By | 02/11/2016
  1. The RCWP—RPC is far from being so numerous and strong as it tries to simulate (it declares that it has 55 thousand members but really has only about 3 thousand members). It is not a workers’ party, it just rarely nominates workers at elections. It has only few youth or women, its main stuff are oldsters and it is frequently and wittingly guided by them.

  2. There is no inner-party democracy in the RCWP—RPC, bosses runs everything, questions are solved at the backstage, masses are kept in ignorance, the criticism from below is suppressed, conditions for discussion are not created. Even the 1998 Program was accepted by Congress delegates blindly. Control bodies are helpless, they exist for the sake of appearances. It happens that bosses use cunning, deceive their own party and the public.

  3. The RCWP—RPC doesn’t recognise the restoration of capitalism in the USSR by Khrushchovite—Brezhnevite revisionists and that the main causes of that restoration were internal. The revisionist regime is regularly eulogized, including its worse enterprises, such as the confrontation with the Maoist China, intrusions into Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan. Brezhnev’s or Andropov’s coming to power is wrongly described as the return of the socialism. The party is the successor of the revisionist “CPSU”, the bosses had average posts in it. They hadn’t breaken with it right up to its crash but were critically supporting Gorbachovs free-market reforms. The party allows idealistic statements about a continuation of the existence of the USSR de jure.

  4. The RCWP—RPC opportunistically treats the basic concepts of communism: it allows supporting “market socialism” and protects petty-bourgeois “personal property”, easily removes revolution from the propagation under insignificant pressure, has accepted the concept of the proletarian dictatorship only inconsistently and with deviation at every step, and all the same spoils it with the rotten formalism.

  5. At the international level the RCWP—RPC prefers to maintain relations with other centrist parties (“Communist Party of Greece”, “Workers Party of Belgium”, “New Communist Party of Yugoslavia”), participates in forums with the Chinese and Vietnamese revisionists, doesn’t shun to support anti-Semites (the Communist Party of Syria) and bloody traitors of revolution (the Communist Party of India (Marxist)). The party considers present China and Vietnam as the socialist countries.

  6. The RCWP—RPC consistently wrongly estimates the extremely opportunistic, reactionary, nationalist “Communist party of the Russian Federation” as communist party, periodically daring to say even about support of its programs. The RCWP—RPC dissolves in the “Communist Party of the Russian Federation” on parliamentary elections and supports its representative on presidential elections.

  7. The RCWP—RPC considers the right-wing nationalist organizations (“Russian All-People’s Union”, “Movement in Support of the Army”, G. Tikhonov’s “The Union”, “Agrarian Party of Russia”, “Army of the People’s Will”) and newspapers (Zavtra, Duel) as its allies and friends. The party even nominated neo-fascist bard A. Harchikov on parliamentary elections.

  8. Chauvinism and anti-Semitism are widespread in the RCWP—RPC, including even its top (B. Yachmenyov, G. Turetsky, Y. Slobodkin). One of the main party newspapers Trudovaya Tyumen (under the leadership of A. Tcherepanov, who is one of the party’s leaders) regularly publishes anti-Semitic materials and the central newspaper Trudovaya Rossiya occasionally does just the way. Anti-Semitism is even fixed in the party program in the guise of “anti-Zionism”. The constant author of Trudovaya Tyumen A. Ushakov (who majors in chauvinism of the “Yellow Peril” fear) and the Leningrad leader G. Turetsky talks in chauvinistic manner routinely. Trudovaya Rossiya allows the kindling of anti-migrant moods.

  9. The RCWP—RPC avoids the question about neo-colonial oppression of non-Russians areas (internal and external) by Russia. The RCWP—RPC doesn’t consistently condemn the Kremlin’s war and occupation of the Chechen Republic. Moreover, its members periodically expresses sympathy to these actions and even to Budanov’s gangsterism (the widely known colonel—the murderer of Chechen young girl Kungaeva).

  10. Members of the RCWP–RPC frequently substitute proletarian internationalism with the pan-Slavism and the glorification of Lukashenko and Milosevic. Also the belief in a special way of Russia (in the spirit of the reactionary pseudo-science geopolitics) and special advantages of Russian people is frequently exposed. They whitewashe predatory politics of Tsarism. The RCWP—RPC allows the “state patriotism” and even the “red Putinism” (D. Kuzmin). The bourgeois military service and the strengthening of army is frequently propagandized (R. Barmin, D. Kuzmin, G. Turetsky).

  11. The RCWP—RPC allows the propagation of privileges of the Orthodoxy Church (V. Bahvalov, G. Ruzova, V. Kushakov) and, on the contrary, the propagation of neo-pagan mysticism (M. Osintsev in the newspaper Trudovaya Tyumen).

  12. Patriarchal views of the RCWP—RPC are exposed in talks against sexual education of youth (A. Zhivoluk, G. Ruzova) and for an interdiction of abortions (A. Buslaev), but especially in widespread homophobia in which the party is close to reactionary phoney-scientists (like A. Zimichev).

  13. The RCWP—RPC pursues the mendacious politics that was exposed, for example, by the supporting for Petersburg governor Yakovlev and Chelyabinsk governor Sumin. It happens that the high-ranking members of the RCWP—RPC run to the progovernmental party (B. Borneliner) or show of their readiness to do so (N. Sarvarov).

We are the Russian Maoist Party, the Party of Rednecks, Dirty Migrants, Chicks and Faggots

By | 02/04/2016

We are the Russian Maoist Party, the party of rednecks 1, dirty migrants, chicks and faggots. That is what the bourgeoisie named us. If only it were not half-blind and could tell us apart – us little, dumb, wicked inbreds. Well, that’s fine, the whole founding congress of the Communist Party of China in 1921 fit on a boat on a lake in a park; whereas today there are 100 million of accursed revisionists, who are in power and are following a path toward capitalism. We hope to repeat anew the beautiful revolutionary history of the CPC (or of Lenin’s and Stalin’s VKP(b)) and, given the possibility, avoid its embarrassing transformation.

The names of the four categories represent the bottomless oceans of our strength.

Rednecks are the workers (not some well-paid brigadiers and masters, of course) and the poor people (different servants, retirees, students from the rural areas, and etc.). The income gap of the population in Russia is, of course, not as great as in Brazil, but way worse than in Japan and in Europe, and even somewhat wider than in the USA with their Blacks and MexicaJDvbW4wQYAAns. Lawyers and managers, TV journalists and politicians are the devotees of the modern world. As they stroll around with a pompous look, they gladly discuss their own importance, their ‘holy actions’ devoid of any intelligent sense, yet they make money hand over fist. Income is determined not by the labour, but rather by such vulgar things as ownership and status. The elite gated itself away from the people through diplomas and connexions, feeding just a handful of particularly cunning and subservient intellectuals.

At the same time, millions of persons cannot earn enough to pull themselves out of poverty, even if they are working hard. There is a catastrophic lack of noble accommodation (not elitist, but rather for the masses!). In many cities, people are periodically left without light, heat and water (in some places these basics are even unheard of). Employers force the proletariat to work in harmful, often physically-endangering environments and pay pennies. Vodka is the source of the cheapest calories – it kills workers from the inside. Even those who don’t drink cannot afford full meals; they don’t get enough vitamins and amino acids. As a result, long before retirement, the labourer becomes a wreck, and then he is forced to spend whatever he possesses on medicine (benefits for the procurement of which have also been cancelled, by the way).

“Women carry half of the sky on their shoulders” they were saying in revolutionary China. But do they get equal salaries? Definitely not! The best that they managed to achieve is “equal pay for equal work”. Behind the crafty formulation hides an unpleasant fact – traditionally female occupations are seen by society as less important, and therefore lower-paid. What is the point in the absence of salary discrimination when women are being driven by the upbringing, education, culture, consumer and economic sectors to settle on non-prestigious professions? Often their work is tougher, but appears to be less qualified, that’s why female textile industry workers receive 1.5-2 times less than the guys from the next-door mechanical repairs workshop.Xb0qbB0kmAE

Another reason why employers allow themselves to pay a lesser salary for female-dominated professions is based on their assumption: a ‘chick’ must find herself a ‘dude’, who will ‘take care of her’. Women are basically being urged on to prostitution. Public morale’s ‘merit’ requires this prostitution to be life-long, calling it a ‘holy conjugal bond’. How can we even talk about love?! How can a woman freely choose her partner, if she is required to guarantee her survival? How can a man count on the honesty of his partner if she is materially-dependent on him?

“Woman is the nigger of the world” sang John Lennon. Yet we also have our own real ‘niggers’ – the non-Russian peoples that every second one of our compatriots, without giving it a second thought, will call an insulting name, even if working side by side, let’s say, with Tatars or Karelians. The eyesight, clouded over by chauvinism, does not notice the poor immigrants, who are running from war and hunger, as they slog away as road sweepers and construction workers. The crowd of political journalists patronizes the Ukrainians from the position of ‘big brother’. The politics of russification have almost buried the languages of the peoples of Russia. In the framework of ‘putinisation’, national autonomies are being liquidated. Whereas the federal army cruelly represses numerous attempts at founding their own independent country, Noxchis (Chechens) have lost a portion of their population comparable to the losses of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War. Many of those that have heard stories of successful Chechen entrepreneurs or names such as Alekperov or Nurgaliyev cannot understand why they should riot. The truth is that the poorest peoples of Russia are the Ingush people, the Kalmyks, the Buryats, the Komi-Permyaks, the Mari people, the Tuvans….

However, even the proud-sounding name ‘Russian’, for many centuries, stood for only one right – the bitter and humiliating right to subjugate oneself to the Moscow-based hand of the sovereign. If we are to exclude the Moscow megalopolis and a few rich natural resource-extracting regions out of the statistics, we will see quite a poor central Russia, a hopelessly hard-working Volga region and a completely poverty-stricken Far East. In order to break free of this situation, the regions of Russia and the national autonomies must emancipate themselves from Moscow’s centralised dictatorship, must avoid being welded into the Empire. The regions require a new federal treaty, a treaty that makes them equal and free, not a ‘treaty’ where they are regarded as vassals of the new tsars.

What can we say about ‘faggots’, meaning lesbians and gays? Traditionally, they are disliked in the population; in the best case scenario they are considered a curiosity. Meanwhile, they are not leaders of an aesthetic movement descended from the stage, but rather millions of normal individuals, who live among us, study, work, love and dream. Sadly, they are not quite ready to organize and defend their right for a dignified, proportional place in society (as it was in the Occident in the 1960’s). The attitude toward them happens to be a measure of social progress. It’s not in vain that their attempt to exit their cultural ghetto and conduct a gay parade was met with unlawful opposition from Moscow authorities. It’s not in vain that reactionaries from LDPR (Liberal Democratic Party of Russia) and Rodina are proposing, seemingly out of the blue, to introduce a criminal punishment for ‘improper’ sex. On the other hand, foreign experience (and we’re not talking about that in the West) cultivates an example for the left: recently the Maoist Communist Party of the Philippines organized a gay marriage for two of its guerilla fighters. Russia’s gays and lesbians will still have a chance at ‘playing their violin’, and we shall hope that they will play in the same orchestra as the proletariat.

The four pillars are proletarian poverty, oppressed peoples, discriminated women and humbled sexual minorities; together this is the ‘Great Campaign’ against orthodox rich white sirs that represent the government, the corporations and their spongers.

With such a strong mass base, even the tiniest, dumbest, stupidest and most wicked inbreds such as us can be sure of victory.

Long live the Revolution!


  1. The Russian original uses word быдло (working cattle, blue-collars, precariat and jobless), not жлобы (rednecks).—

On disintegration of Ukraine, on Crimea and Novorossiya

By | 10/28/2015
  1. The current events in Ukraine are caused by the emerging and the consolidation of Ukrainian national state. It is a progressive process in itself, but it has been implemented in highly undesirable way being accompanied by an outburst of reactionary ideologies (chauvinism of all hues, social racism etc.), a war, fascistization of Kiev regime and intensifying of international tensions.

  2. Two major nations have more or less taken shape in Ukraine. One, Ukrainian, speaks Ukrainian and votes for the Ukrainian national parties (the parties of the coalitions United Opposition Fatherland (Batkivshchyna) and then “European Ukraine”, as well as ultra-right Freedom (Svoboda) and Right Sector (Pravyi Sektor), etc.). Anti-communism, especially in the form of anti-Stalinism and “Banderaphilia,” Russophobia and Eurocentrism became as its cardinal ideas. Another nation speaks Russian and votes for the Russian national parties (the Party of Regions and its successors, as well as the CPU), for secession or doesn’t vote at all. Its cardinal ideas are Russophilia and Soviet nostalgia with ambiguous nature. This nation prevails in Crimea and eight South-Eastern regions, which became known as the “Novorossiya” (lit. New Russia). Both nations are affected by nationalism and by the restoration of religiosity to some extent.

  3. There is no need to prove that one or another national minority in bourgeois state is subjected to national oppression. All past history eloquently testifies that it is a true and exceptions are the peculiarities which require justification. The minority itself has to judge practically on this issue.

  4. The Russian national minorities of Ukraine put forward the requirements of the linguistic equality; federalization and even secession. Democratic way of addressing these issues was unbendingly rejected by the new regime in Kiev. Thereafter the area of Novorossiya (above all – Donetsk and Lugansk regions which have self-determinated) should be considered to be annexed lands (in terms of the Decree On Peace, i.e. forcibly retained) by Ukraine.

  5. Numerous testimonies of people with different beliefs do not allow to doubt the sincerity and the voluntariness of the self-determination of the majority of Crimean population in favor of joining Russia and to depict it as alleged “annexation” or “occupation,” even if it was implemented only due to the Russian military intervention. As for Russians, they have a double feeling of the return of Crimea: on the one hand, it is a sense of great-power supremacy pushing for the expansion and hegemonic claims; on the other hand, it is the sentiments of reunification of Russian people as the long-awaited triumph of justice.

  6. There is no doubt that Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian minorities would suffer some infringements in the seceded Russian regions (even though justly declared official bilingualism or trilingualism). However Kiev propaganda, of course, depicts these infringements in an exaggerated manner for its expansionist ends. This problem should be considered carefully, comprehensively and without confidence in the biased sources of both sorts.

  7. We stand in solidarity with the Marxist-Leninist organization Struggle (Borotba), as well as all activists persecuted for communist activity. By and large, Ukrainian left agenda is now publicly articulated by anti-authoritarianist and pro-Kiev regime Autonomous Workers’ Union (AST), Social Movement Party (Socialny ruh) rejecting the dictatorship of the proletariat and the right of nations to self-determination, reformist and nationalistically inclined Left Opposition (based on the CPU and the PSPU) and the above mentioned Borotba. Leading light for communists in other countries is apparent.

  8. The main objectives, which should be pursued in the current Ukrainian conflict:

    1. International recognition of self-determination of Crimean peoples, peoples of DPR and LPR (as well as other partially recognized states – Republic of Abkhazia, Republic of South Ossetia, Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, Republic of Kosovo), and cessation of military aggression of Kiev regime;

    2. Democratic solution of the national question also in the rest of the Novorossiya region (through full legalization of autonomist or secessionist parties, peaceful negotiations and referendums under the supervision of all states concerned);

    3. Termination of Ukrainian policy of legalizing of fascism and criminalization of communism in Ukraine.

  9. In connection with the current Ukrainian conflict the following statements become especially true:

    1. The universal and consistent respect for the right of nations to self-determination,

    2. Protection of the importance and integrity of the historic heritage of the anti-Hitler coalition against fascism,

    3. International solidarity of the proletarians and the poor.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Statement

By | 10/10/2015

On May 13, the Bonn government of West Germany, disregarding the strong opposition of the Arab peoples, brazenly established full diplomatic relations with Israel. This is a new provocation against the Arab peoples made by West German militarism and Zionism at U.S. imperialist instigation; it is also a grave provocation against the people of Asia, Africa and
the whole world. . . .

What is called Israel is nothing but a product of the U.S. imperialist policy of aggression. The whole world knows that it is U.S. imperialism which, manipulating the United Nations, artificially created Israel as a dagger thrust into the heart of the Arab world and it is U.S. imperialism which has spent billions of American dollars in rearing and arming
Israel so as to threaten the independence and security of the Arab countries. . . .

The Arab people have risen like one man against the aggression and provocation of their enemies, U.S. imperialism, West German militarism, and Zionism; they have demonstrated the nettle of a heroic people and so won general praise among the peoples of the world.

They have broken Marx and Lenin for fine pieces…

By | 07/03/2015

They have broken Marx and Lenin for fine pieces, not to mention us”, Mao sadly spoke about revisionists spreading under the Soviet aegis all over the world. The enemies of revolutionary knowledge, enemies of the people and the proletariat are not always able to ignore or to forge geniuses; they look as no more than unlucky midgets near to them.

So they launch their miserable attempts to shatter the classics’ heritage, to select the most harmless for their reactionary mock-theories pieces from it and to consecrate their own poverty by the shine of bits broken off from them.

What is the Maoism? This ideological current was exposed to the mad defamation in the Soviet Union, it was forged in every way and served up to masses in the monstrously mutilated and hashed shape. The present left movement in Russia still suffers a heavy burden of Brezhnev-Suslov black propagation, slander and fabrications. “There is no need to read many books” – these Mao’s words every remembers. Enemies repeat them with venomous gloating, phony-friends add them to their arsenal and swing them as a banner, don’t applying their forces to penetrate into the sense of them. A rare person recalls that the reform of the education which was chained with old and partly still feudal frameworks of the formalism and the dogmatism, was absolutely necessary for Chine rising on the way of industrialization and construction of socialism. This is a root of a myth about Mao’s “anti-intellectual attitude”.

It is necessary to read just more Marxist literature” – Mao indeed constantly emphasized. However it is much easier to not read of the Marxist and new, Maoist literature and to not continue Mao’s cause but to call for petty-bourgeois riot or indulgently pat Chinese Marxists on the head for the justified struggle against Khrushchov’s distortions.

Only the foulest jackals of the modern Russian revisionism do not fit the parts of the Maoist clothes at least. “Every scum gets out on its own”. Someone will pull Red Guard’s arm-band, another person will get Maoist jacket or cap like one what Mao presented to Che Guevara. In other words, someone pulls out for private interests Great Polemic of 1950’ies and 1960’ies, which was only diligent implementation of Marxism by the Chinese’s, but gives up further analysis of decay of the Soviet regime, which was logically follow from the Polemic. Someone takes rebellious spirit, which becomes simply petty-bourgeois leftism without the genuine Mao’s ideas, regardless of number of “Mao’s ideas’ banners” rising during this. Someone takes the anti-bureaucratic orientation, limiting and adapting it to the needs. Somehow or other, bits broken of the most advanced and consecutive ideology lose their value. These bits aren’t Maoist and their carriers speculate in the Mao’s ideas at the best and frequently directly go against this ideas.

Maoism is the integral theory and practice of communist struggle, the third, the most modern step of Marxism-Leninism’s development. This is an iron, indisputable fact. Under the banner of Maoism proletariat and oppressed masses all over the world will go forward sweeping away all wretched imitators and slanders.

This inevitable victory will certainly not be a silly scuffle and torture as latent (and not such latent) sad-masochists like to imagine the Cultural Revolution. They like to picture persecutions of bureaucrats by Red Guards, their throwing out through windows onto the street and their smashing by legs. They like to picture hanging of a quite innocent animal, the cat of the British ambassador etc. Such propagandists fondly hope to win verdant youth in such way and following this distribute the false and distorted understanding of Maoism. It’s well-known that the punishments of the opponents during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution basically were the manifestation of the forces which was hostile to the Revolution. They directly contradicted the numerous instructions of Mao and the Communist party of China headed by him. Mao and his supporters inspired all the time that nobody should be executed not only for dissent but also even for open anticommunist speechs. Let speak – it was one of the slogans of Maoism. And there was given permissions to speak even to such worst enemies of revolution as the Soviet revisionists – their scribble was openly published by the Chinese publishers. At the same time Khrushchevist-Brezhnevists cowardly hid from the people not merely arguments of the Chinese but frequently the fact of polemic itself. Eventually they sunk into blocking of the Maoist books in the closed funds (which have just now became accessible for us) and launching the furious attack against China with mendacious accusing it for a nationalism and state-boundary aggression.

In the Peoples China there was a custom to discuss in a democratic way all disagreements among the people. It was recommended to handle sometimes even to the contradictions between the people and his enemies as to the contradictions within the people. In Beijing there was famous “Dazibaos’ wall”, on which everyone could put his leaflet up with a statement of his opinion. When enemies of the revolution came to power they severely prosecuted all successors of Mao’s ideas (first of all “the gang of four” – Jiang Qing, Wang Hongwen, Zhang Chunqiao and Yao Wenyuan, but also thousand honor communists all over China) and demolished this wall. The revisionists always well know what people thinks and what people wants, they consider the freedom of speech as an extreme heresy which must only be fight against with the KGB and other state structures while “entitled” official organizations drive the people forward as a dumb and thoughtless herd. Any activity of the masses on their own is considered as counter-revolutionary and subject to suppression. Such approach is deeply hostile to Maoism.

Everyone need to read the Maoist literature to understand Maoism. It isn’t enough to read four-volume edition published in the Soviet Union and even more complete Chinese edition in Russian language (which, by the way, isn’t easy to search out). Especially it isn’t enough to read “the small red book” made by Lin Byao in the concrete period for quite concrete “target group”. Our Russian reader can admire with the style but (s)he basically do not able to estimate the instructions to the Chinese soldiers incorporated in “the small red book”. And it is absolutely clear that it is impossible to acquire Mao’s ideas on the basis of the scrappy quotations.

It is necessary to read just more Marxist literature”. It is necessary to read it completely, diligently pondering into the historical context in which these diamonds of the revolutionary idea were created. Only a few succeed in attempts to intuitively recreate Maoism for him/herself not addressing to its products of the period of the Great polemic and especially the Cultural revolution. The Maoism’s greatest treasures are latent in these, late texts which low Brezhnevist ideologists-in-their-official-capacity have concealed from us. It would be not bad to get acquainted also with the modern Maoist literature – our movement naturally continues to derivate a plenty of the talented researchers and publicists.

The communists of all world armed not with the banners stolen at the revolutionaries of the past and only covering a present revisionism, but with the genuine ideas of Mao Zedong will achieve the final victory above an imperialism, capitalism and patriarchy!

Оn the Communist Party of Peru and Scandal around “Peace Talks”

By | 07/03/2015

We (the Russian Maoists) have been long enough ignoring quarrels waging in the world communist movement around the history of “peace talks” of the Peruvian Maoists with the Fujimori’s regime. However recently we have been directly faced with, firstly, rather rigid accusations of our fraternal organization in USA – Maoist Internationalist Movement – in this context and, secondly, request to stand on a precise position on this issue.

Let here be a small introduction in first. The Communist Party of Peru (PCP) aka Sendero Luminoso or Shining Path is a Maoist party waging guerrilla war since 1980. When in the early 1990’ies rather gentle APRA’s regime was replaced by the dictatorship of the butcher and the corrupted person Alberto Fujimori, the Maoists was exposed to the most severe prosecutions. In 1992 the founder and the leader of the Party, the Chairperson Gonzalo (Abimael Guzman) having huge authority with the Peruvian and world communist movement was seized. Soon after that the government published so-called “peace letters”, which firstly alleged about that it was Gonzalo who wrote it. There was rumours that the Maoists had agreed to negotiations with the government. But for all that Gonzalo wasn’t presented to public, independent journalists and human rights groups, so it isn’t known at all whether he is alive.

Now the representatives of a reviving French Maoism maintaining the Web site Etoile rouge have said to us that “MIM was accused to be a CIA group in the 1990’s by us maoists groups connected to support people’s war in Peru” and “MIM defends people that argue that they were peace talks with the peruvian government. This is the main point”.

Who was this people and where and when did MIM defended them – this isn’t talked by anybody for some unknown reason. Instead of this there was presented to us a document formulating charges against it: “But you certainly [read] the text that exists on: Others texts exist too, and go far in that direction. But this texte is the main political one and will be enough for us. The fact is that MIM position after Gonzalo was arrested was not correct, and helped the CIA. So we wish to know your position about the Communist of Peru and the RIM in general. This is a main political question for all the maoists”.

For a start I don’t consider in no way a position on Peru as the main question for all Maoists. The Peruvian Maoism is beyond any reasonable doubt outstanding movement, but it isn’t unique: there are comparable Maoist practices in India, Nepal, Philippines and in same France or USA. Here in Russia the matter of principle undoubtedly is overcoming of the СPSU’s revisionist heritage. To expose a question about events in the single guerrilla movement (which we haven’t enough solid data on) as “a main political question” means to be in captivity of mythes and to go on a wrong way. I have impression that our western comrades have got cranky on the single particular issue.

However for almost every in the West have been looped around Peru and the mountains of mutual charges have reached the sky, probably, it makes sense to look into the issue in more detail. I have taken the trouble to translate and read the specified text, and also texts of the opposite party (articles in MIM Theory 14, 2001).

I make a reservation at once that the text on has seemed to me extremely unpersuasive, so that isn’t clear how it could even be accepted seriously by anybody. It just be gay with misrepresents. There are a plenty of distorted quotations. Assertions are attached with totally alien sense, Finally documentary base of all accusations is the weakest. For a start I’ll specify two basic points.

Firstly, this is frequently alleged that negotiations with reactionaries are basically inadmissible. The article on speaks: “MIM lies when it writes: ‘The ultraleft tried to sow confusion and attempted to stab the legacy of Lenin, Stalin and Mao in the back by acting as if these great leaders did not enter into negotiations with reactionaries of all sorts…’. MIM could well write that ‘Lenin, Stalin and Mao negotiated the revolution with reactionaries of all sorts’, in other words, they betrayed the revolution. This is an absolute lie, this is plain Trotskyism.

It’s a complete nonsense! It’s well-known that Lenin, Stalin and Mao indeed started negotiations with a bourgeoisie when it was necessary to keep and advance revolution. I’ll list the brightest and classical examples: the Brest peace, pact of Molotov and Ribbentrop, СPC’s entering into Kuomintang! It was just Trotskiy who spoke against the Brest peace and his followers who spoke against the Soviet-German pact and the union with Kuomintang! So how is possible to assert that the recognition of an admissibility to start negotiations “even with Devil” (Lenin’s words) under the certain conditions is Trotskyism (although Lenin asserted this thesis against Trotskiy)?!

The basic rejection of any negotiations with bourgeoisie under any conditions is the position of the “Left Communists” which was resolutely rejected by Marxist-Leninist. Such position is a leftist deviation and if MIM have really condemned it (according to сharges on then it have been completely сorrect!

Secondly, for some unknown reason it’s used to consider the Communist Party of Peru as absolutely monolithic and unanimously opposing peace talks. However such position directly contradicts the Maoism, which emphasizes that there always are internal struggles in any Communist Party, there always are separate groups or figures fallen into opportunism (for their evil intent or lack of knowledges). If MIM have mentioned somewhere that there could be forces speaking for peace talks in the Communist Party of Peru it haven’t been a crime against the Communist Party of Peru. It would be odd if such forces don’t exist at all. The myth about an absolutely monolithic Party is metaphysics instead of any Maoism.

Thirdly and finally, groups working in imperialist centers for some unknown reason very confidently attend to judge what is good for the revolution in Peru. The author of the article on writes: “MIM, ignoring actual objective conditions, suggests that it is incorrect to completely reject the farce prepared and applied by the CIA, through its puppet Fujimori government.” Not to mention that there are no proofs that MIM “suggests” so through all the article, we can notice that the participation of the special services in peace talks isn’t the sufficient basis to reject it in any way. The special services are either way involved into any negotiations. Besides if the People’s war is really so victorious as the author asserts then peace talks can’t be a farce – the government is forced to enter into them under the pressure of progressive forces. However what we know about Peru suggests that the Communist Party of Peru was weakened in 1990’ies and is taking a revenge only now.

In that case it’s ridiculous to shout that peace talks is a treachery. The determination of tactics is the cause of the Peruvian communists themselves. And having no precise messages from them on tactics chosen to run ahead and to speak about a single tactics allowable (knowing not local conditions thoroughly) is really to restrict freedom of maneuver of Maoists in the People’s war.

However there was an indirect proof which was mentioned by MIM: if “peace letters” wouldn’t a forgery then the bloody tyrant Fujimori could allow Gonzalo’s meeting with independent journalists – and he necessarily would do it as it would be in his interests! However the author of the article on here accuses MIM, out of hand, that it have proved falsity of the trick with “peace letters” only but “on the contrary”, having assuming at first their authenticity what, on his idea, is an indelible sin. As I already have shown, assumption of a basic admissibility of peace talks under the specific conditions (which only Peruvian communists must to judge) don’t cast a shadow on them or anybody who makes such assumption anyway.

However how it’s adgusted this recognition that, in MIM opinion, “Gonzalo’s… continuing isolation proves that Fujimori is lying”, with the assertion of the author that “MIM agrees with the CIA’s and Fujimori’s plot, emphatically stating that President Gonzalo is calling for peace talks”? In no way it does indeed! The author vaguely feels on his own that something is wrong here and tries clumsily to get rid from MIM proof of the falseness of “peace letters”: “MIM forgets that reactionaries all over the world have been deceiving the masses for years”. A pretty business this! How it follows from the fact that the reactionaries frequently resorts to a direct deceit that it’s a crime against Marxism to state the proofs of one concrete deceit?! Should Marxist beforehand consider any action of a bourgeoisie as a deceit and consider any attempt of a substantiation of an exposure of this deceit as a heresy? It is a malicious caricature on Marxism being actually originally scientific outlook.

There are another example of far-fetching of phrases in the article on “For MIM, the PCP Central Committee is ultraleft! This is how MIM presents it: ‘Further complicating matters in the International Communist Movement is an ultraleft line, nicely complementing right opportunism. According to the ultraleft, armed struggle is always the immediate task at hand, even in the imperialist countries…’… There is no connection between the people who support the armed struggle in Peru and those ‘ultraleftists’ that MIM refers to so much… It is not true that those who support the People’s War-and the PCP-consider ‘armed struggle as the immediate task at hand.’” But there are absolute no grounds to think that the MIM words concern to the PCP-CC or to the entire PCP or even to “the people who support the armed struggle in Peru”! MIM doesn’t assert anywhere that the PCP considers “armed struggle as the immediate task at hand”! The author simply invents a slander against the PCP and arbitrary alleges that the MIM words concern to it!

It isn’t yet a complete review but I think the aforesaid is enough to understand that the article on doesn’t prove anything at all.

However it’s necessary to note that the texts of El Diario Internacional reprinted by MIM Theory have the same declarative spirit. I have an impression that in the West the rationalistic position on an issue of Peru is considered as an extreme heresy. I would like say directly in the conclusion to the western comrades that their view on the Peruvian revolutionary movement as to the untouchable sanctuary isn’t clear to us (Russian Maoists) and requires any explanations.

The Situation in Russia Now

By | 07/03/2015

There in Russia the masters are big gas, transport and energy corporations, closely concerned with the state, and more independent oil, engineering and metallurgy companies. Banking, insurance and mass media are highly overridden by the state too. Foreign capital has some positions in oil industry, but especially in pulp & paper, confectionery, brewing and tobacco sectors, and also in retailing.

Recently rising Russian business drives dilative expansion to the abroad, first to the ex-USSR republics, which considers as his “hunting grounds”. Power supply systems of many of them are under full control of the new Russian imperialism. With a brigandage Russia has managed to annex some small territories of Kazakhstan (the takeover of islands Ukatny and Zhyostky in Caspian Sea) and Ukraine (the repartition of Kerch Strait). The war-mongering in the North Caucasus (suppression of Chechen separatism, misusing of the dividing of Ossetins etc.) is meant for the pressure on Georgia.

Within the country the wide reform for the sake of the ruling class occurs:

  • Labor legislation has modified for the purpose of reduction of workers’ and trade unions’ rights;
  • The progressive tax schedule has been replaced by the flat one (tax rate for the overabundant = tax rate for the poor);
  • Benefits have definitely been cut down (replaced by cash grants affecting by the prices rise);
  • Commercialization of education and health care is realizing;
  • Public utilities pay (granted by the state earlier) is being put to the total-lot level.

The advance of political frosts accompanies these changes:

  • The number of legal parties are forcedly reducing;
  • The ruling party (United Russia) has been constructed and has ousted opposition from the parliament;
  • Single member constituencies has been canceled and the vote minimum for the passing to parliament from 5 per cents to 7 per cents;
  • Liberal and democratic mass media has been smashed;
  • Appointment of regions’ governors by election has been abolished.

Rights of un-Russian nations (composing a fifth of the total population) are being infringed. The poorest nations here are not Russian but Nohchi (Chechens) and Galgai (Ingushes), Buryats, Komi-Perm, Evenks, Halmg (Kalmyks), Mari, Tuvinians, Dagestan peoples, Koryaks, Chukchi, Erzya and Moksha (Mordvinian peoples), Chuvashes. Cultures and languages of many of them are under the mortality threat while plans of elimination of national autonomies are advancing (Komi-Perm autonomous district has been eliminated already).

Driving national oppression the ruling class relies on widely spread Russian nationalism. According to public opinion polls, nearly half of the population considers that “Russians must have more rights” or even “Russia must be the state of Russians” (“Russians” here means not the population or citizenry of Russian Federation (“rossiyane”) but the sole Slavic nationality descended from the old Muscovites (“russkiye”)). Only 20 per cents oppose toughening of arrangements against migrants from Transcaucasian and Central Asian countries (migrant workers to a degree).

At the same time Russian people itself has no nation unity. Capital city Moscow concentrates huge riches and powers while the provinces partly are in the same misery as ethnic regions – i.e. Ivanovo, Chita, Kurgan, Amur, Primorye, Novosibirsk, Ulyanovsk, Leningrad (region around city Saint-Petersburg), Tver, Kaliningrad (former German city Königsberg), Kaluga regions. Actually, these un-Russian and Russian poor regions compose the internal colony of the Moscow hegemony.

Striking was a significant phenomenon in years 1995–1999 but later (when economic boom started) came almost to naught. Development of new trade unions stopped (old unions which are the heirs of Soviet ones is actually social security offices attached to factory administrations). However walkouts, hunger-strikes, vigils and traffic blockades periodically happens on the grounds of backpays or underpays, lock-out or dismissals without lay-off pay.

Commonplaces are actions of municipal economy workers. This sector suffers also from the disastrous deterioration of equipment (this is a huge problem in view of the severe climate which is typical in the most part of Russia). Periodically all the country is enveloped with tide of students and lecturers in defense of free education, of school and medical workers demanding salary increase and improvement of work’s conditions. The centers of actions in autumn, 2004, were Irkutsk region and Kamchatka, Chernozem, Volga and Ural regions.

Among the left the most marked is the Communist Party of Russian Federation (Gennady Zyuganov), which has 47 of 448 seats in the parliament. Ideologically it is a successor of the  CPSU and is hardly affected with bureaucratism, chauvinism and clericalism. (For example, on January, 2005, the CPRF’s vice-chairman V. Kashin and several other bosses signed an address to the General public prosecutor with the request “to ban every religious and ethnic Jewish associations in our country as all them are extremist”.) Periodically it is shaken with shames of its functionaries’ deserting to President Putin’s regime. Its aged membership is shrinking.

Besides the CPRF there are a number of parties descended from various platforms in the CPSU. The most known of them is the RCWP–RPC (Victor Tyulkin). The nearest to Marxism-Leninism of them is the CPSUB (Nina Andreeva), but it has not overcame Brezhnevist heir and great-powerist influences too.

To the left from these parties are plenty of small groups – Trotskyists (three splinters of the Revolutionary Workers Party and the Committee for the Workers’ International), Hoxhaists (Proletarian Paper group), Maoists (the Russian Maoist Party) and New Left (Revolutionary Alternative, New Resistance, Red Uprise groups). These groups suggest widely varied ideological doctrines, but their political positions frequently are rather close.

The Information on the Largest Companies and Banks of Russia

By | 07/03/2015

There are six oil and gas enterprises among the first ten companies (according sales in 2001) – Gazprom, LUKoil, YuKOS, Surgutneftegaz, TNK and Sibneft. Moreover there are: RAO EES, Rusal and Norilskiy nikel, AvtoVAZ. Total sales of this ten enterprises make 63% of all top-100 companies’ sales.

The most of the top-100 are machine-building companies – 22 (the largest ones besides above are AvtoVAZ, Komsomolsk-na-Amure aircraft combine, TVEL, GAS, KamAZ, Uralmash-Izhora-group), chemical and petrochemical companies – 17 (the largest ones are Bashneftehim, MHK Evrohim, Nizhnekamskneftehim, Salavatnefteorgsintez, Akron), ferrous metallurgical companies – 15 (the largest ones are Severstal, Magnitka, Evrazholding, Novolipetsk metallurgical combine, OMK-group, Tube-casting metallurgical company, Chelyabinsk metallurgical combine, Kuznetsk metallurgical combine, Metalloinvest, Oskol electrometallurgical combine), non-ferrous metallurgical companies – 5 (Rusal, Norilsk nikel, UGMK-Holding, SUAL, VSMPO-Avisma-group, companies for precious metals and jewels – 2 (Alrosa and Smolensk combine Kristall), coal companies – 6 (the largest ones – SUEK Baykal-coal and holding company Kuzbassrazrezugol).

There are not a lot of oil and gas companies – 13, but all of them are concentrated in the top of this list.

The electric power industry is presented by 5 companies: RAO EES of Russia, concern Rosenergoatom, Tatenergo, Irkutskenergo and Novosibirskenergo.

The timber industry is presented by 6 companies: Ilim Pulp Enterprise, Syktyvkar LPK, Volga, Kondopoga, Arkhangelsk CBK, Svetogorsk.

The food industry is presented by 5 companies: Wimm-Bill-Dann, Baltika, APK Cherkizovskiy, Mars, Ochakovo Ltd.

It is a lot of the tobacco companies – 5: Petro, Filip Morris Izhora, Liguett-Duckatt, Donskoy tabak, British American tobacco – Java.

The largest banks according assets volume on October 1, 2002 (excluding Sberbank, surpassed his competitors more than in 6 times): Vneshtorgbank, Alpha-bank, International industrial bank, Gazprombank, International Moscow bank, Bank of Moscow, MDM-bank, Rosbank, Citybank and Industrial-building bank. The concentration of the capital in a banking is those that the Sberbank’s assets are slightly more than the sum of these banks’ assets, and this sum is slightly more than the sum of assets of other banks from the top-100. Lesser banks have only trifling sum.

A Cult of “the Blessed Soviet Realm”

By | 07/03/2015

“…USSR was the greatest anti-empire, the global center of the good, which the destruction of colonial system, getting of national independence, general social progress would be impossible without, and, in general, all the best, progressive and advanced was in our world, which guarantor was just USSR. Now without USSR nobody can stop imperialist reaction longer, going at all directions from universal reducing of political and economic gains of working people to creation of new colonial empires” (D. Yakushev. Whether the imperialists will choke?).

It would be possible to say that Yakushev doesn’t believe for the strength of proletariat and nations of the world which are supposedly unable to do any “best, progressive and advanced” at all without USSR (it hasn’t fabricated by me, but has written by him!). However, it seems, all is easier. It’s a new religion, a millenarianism’s version.

However – what’s the hell! Was it not USSR that made huge efforts to split of the communist movement and isolate of Marxist-Leninist forces in the sixties, what resulted naturally to the defeat of the revolution of 1967–1969?!

It was contrary to USSR millions of Chinese were rising for the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, European youth were rebelling, Peruvian and Indian began guerrilla wars. Red Guards on the Far East and communists-Sholay in the Afghan were dying of Soviet bullets. Those who were daring to criticize the Soviet system from the left, were imprisoned and “inhospitaled” – they weren’t wait in the West as those who criticized it from the right.

Early, Leninist (and Stalinist – despite of erroneous 30%!) Soviet Union was the symbol of progress and hope of all progressive humynkind. Just for this reason it became especially vile having betraid revolution and covered from critics with a revisionist rags. Relics of socialism at Khrushchov-Brezhnev epoch only emphasize grandiosity of fall.

The Soviet empire is dead but the revolution is alive. The choice is clear.

D. Zhutayev, RMP

The note on the name of this file (“Sovietesse_cult”)

…I’ll explain for those who isn’t a tolkienist or a Thomas Hardy’s poetry’s fan (I am). Oleg thought up this catchword meaning Eng. Westernesse – mythic land, Blessed “Western Realm”. Tolkien used this catchword for Númenor.

But Sovok is Sovok, however hard you may name.

As our comrades within ALO say, “History has brilliantly borne out the soundness and accuracy of the anti-Soviet orientation of Mao Zedong and all anti-revisionist revolutionaries”.

D.Zh., Anti-Sovietist, Anti-Zionist аnd the hater of every and all sorts of “blessed realms” at all